Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Things aren't so bad when you are 35. For example;

1. No longer is anyone surprised that you have a LOT of grays, more than your share in fact, underneath that dark brown facade, which once was, and is partially still, your natural hair color.

2. You can wear the COUGAR label with pride. (because you are officially in the 35-50 bracket, and your husband is still in the 18-34 bracket.) We're not talking BYU here.

3. You are not too young to stop having babies, but not too old to have more babies either.

4. EXPERIENCE & WISDOM. Yes. You get to claim those.

5. Your oldest child is nearing legal babysitting age.

6. Your husband buys you the cork oak skirt from Anthropologie for your birthday. {Sorry, no link, it's sold out, but just think back to April's catalog - long with pin-tucked tiers. Love it!}

7. Your husband also buys you a cute shirt from ae, from which you might officially be too old to shop, but not if you cover your grays with a nice dark brown facade.

8. Your husband has tulips delivered while he is at work.
9. And he makes you a birthday cake.
10. The kids make you nice cards and one 6 year old makes you a ruby ring, all by herself.
11. You get to go out to eat with the whole family because the kids love celebrating your birthday even more than you do.

12. 35 is the new............32.
13. You're on a whole new telemarketing list.
14. Something as trivial as the graininess of these photos doesn't bother you like it would have when you were 34.

15. Your family and friends shower you with thoughtful gifts, cards, calls and emails. And you are so grateful for such wonderful people in your life!


Abby said...

what a wonderful birthday! the idea of YOU being a cougar makes me laugh. you are so far from it.

Sarah said...

What? I only dated younger men the second time around.

bekki said...

Happy Birthday Cougar. Sounds like you had fun.

Melanie said...

Hope you had a great day. Happy Birthday

amyegodfrey said...

The pictures are wonderful! Thanks for posting them. I'm glad you had such a great birthday week.

Family Journal said...

Ummm, sorry. You are not a cougar! When I met you, I thought you were 26-27. You do not show your age. And I am not sure, but I don't think there is anyone, that could tell you have ever had a gray hair! You are so fabulous, & beautiful!

It looks like your family really took care of you this year. SO CUTE! Love the pictures.

elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Sarah dear! You see, "Cougar" I would have replaced with a much more potty-mouthed acronym for "Hot Mom" (if you know what I mean). You are definitey a babe with some awesome, rockin' style. I wish, at 23, I could look like you do at 35. I'm working on it.

Nancy said...

Happy birthday Sarah! Tell Mark I'm very impressed, when I turn 35 I hope my husband sends me tulips and bakes me a cake.

JenJ said...

Happy Belated!!!
Will I ever EVER remember on the day????
You are lookin' great!
Do you think I could get one of those ruby rings?

Sarah said...

is your blog private now? Why am I not on your exclusive list?

John & Jessica Skiba said...

Happy, happy birthday Sara dear! Happy days will come to you all year! If I had one wish and it would be a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from me! You go get 'em "cougar"! You are fabulous!