Thursday, May 15, 2008


breakfast prepared by kids and Mark. homemade cards and gifts {the best}. 2.5 lbs jelly bellies. salmon-colored roses. sweet sentiments. snickers bar (from the ward). dinner at our house with the moms. mother's day good times.

check out the shirt my dad made for my mom. It is emblazoned with photos of all 10 grand children's names that he found in real life: street signs, NY stores, restaurant names, etc.


Emily said...

Wow for Dennis and his thoughtful gift. I want to hear the places he found all the names. And we won't tell him Aaron is older than Grace. Our family has good kid names, if I do say so.

I'm glad you had a nice Mothers Day. I miss Mothers Day dinners at your house.

Abby said...

That is such a cool idea. Way to go Dad! And Sarah--is that or is that not a postcard stand in your entryway? Because it is awesome.

Abby said...

And are those hydrangeas real?

Nancy said...

Cool shirt Dennis, what a great idea. I'm loving your dining room with such pretty flowers!

Sarah said...

Emily, we definitely missed you this year. And I noticed the Grace and Aaron switch too. But that's OK, 'cause they were due on the same day. It's all good.

Abby, not real hydrangeas. I wish they were. But thanks for asking. That means you can't see the dust. And yes, that is a postcard rack. I begged Russ and Mary for it. It was rotting away in the old gift shop at the Sedona cabin-resort they are tearing down.

Nancy, thanks.

bekki said...

Sarah your table setting is very pretty. Love your mom's shirt. Very original.

Becky said...

Place settings + roses = pure lovliness

Love Amye's shirt. How cool/creative is Dennis? He must have worked on this project for some time to collect all those names! No Grandma could wear it with more pride :)

Abby, sharp eye on the hydrangeas!

Emily said...

Did Dixie gag about having to sing Love at Home?

Listening to her go on about that song was becoming one of my favorite Mothers Day traditions.