Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mo-town Philly back again. Doin' that little East Coast Swing.

I am sore.


Tri-pods (left hand down, right fore-arm down, now lift legs up and do a "handstand").



Walking on hands.

Running Man.
Back Step.
Lots of "house" bouncing.


Bowling. in Pinetop. 2 weeks ago. No pain involved, but it does explain the above photo.


Alice said...

Huh? What were you doing?

Sarah said...

Alice, see my previous post. Hip hop every Tuesday.

jennifer said...

Thank you for reminding me of the lyrics of one of my favorite songs from the '90s. Did you not LOVE Bel Biv Devoe (or rather, BBD, the East Coast Family?)

Your hip hop class sounds incredibly cool. I'm still waiting to hear how you got into it and how I can become that cool.

I'll be you're cute doing your handstands! And where's Pinetop?

Family Journal said...

I think my wrist would buckle and shatter doing a round off! Will you psot a video. I am dying to see you!

Sarah said...

I questioned the correctness of the lyrics. Glad you at least recognized the song. Our teacher played that for us to dance to last week. I felt completely in my comfort zone. Despite the fact that we were trying to be cool and DANCE to it!

And Pinetop is a small town in northern AZ where my inlaws have a cabin. You should come with us sometime!

Family Journal,
There will not be any recording of thirty something women hip-hopping. It's an unspoken pact we have made. If you want to see, you must come and dance with us.

JenJ said...

You are bringin me back to my Philly days, YO.

Wonder if there is an adult hip hop class around my town somewhere.....

Melanie said...

I need your email. I have been sending you an invite to my blogg but I think I have the wrong email address. email me

Ryan said...

You can't sing Motown Philly unless you've been to Philly. It's kind of a rule.

I sing it every day, obviously.

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah,

Can you please send me your e-mail so I can keep you and Molly posted on Activity Days stuff?
p.s. I LOVE that you are taking dance, and such cool dance too. You are an inspiration to me!