Thursday, July 10, 2008


What did you do to celebrate our nation's independence?

Did you have your own driveway of fire? Did you get very very tired and cry a little?
Did you have a fire-y birthday cake a few days beforehand, just to get in the fire-y mood?
Did you get reprimanded by the local fire department for lighting fireworks on your sister's street on Y mountain? Causing you to relocate to a church parking lot, where your brothers-in-law put on a show to rival Hannah Montana's Stadium of Fire, which you also later viewed from your sister's house on Y mountain?
No? You missed out.


Abby said...

cool pictures!!! and "yes" to almost all those questions.

wish you guys would come back already.

NieNie said...

and to think i was just down the street lighting up my own fireworks (hiding from the fire marshal)

jennifer said...

No, we didn't get to do any of those things, but we DID get to go down to a freezing, windy beach where sweet, naive Derrick tried desperately to put on a show with a$19.95 box of fireworks. We all clapped and cheered, but it was like watching a wounded puppy. The extravaganza culminated with the much-anticipated "Tower of Power"--such was labeled the tallest, thickest firework in the box that promised to be thrilling. Derrick opened the tube only to unroll a large poster of a black cat with "Tower of Power" written in thick black ink above it. We're still not sure what the poster meant or why it was there (a metaphor of some kind?) but regardless, it was a hot ending to one hot show.

Oh, and Rache got burned by a sparkler, making this the second year in a row that our patriotism has resulted in personal injury. (And Miley Cyrus thought she knew how to celebrate...)

Sarah said...

Abby, I know. Me too.

Nienie, I close! We were naive and uniformed about fire on the mountain. You've obviously had experience with Provo's fire enforcement - the BACK yard, I'm guessing.

Jen, I love that story!!!! Did you all just crack up when you saw the big finale? I think that's even better than a thrilling firecracker! I would have loved to have been a cat-poster witness on your 4th of July!

Emily said...

Yes, I did! Same place, next year? Nienie and Jennifer are invited, and I'm so buying the Tower of Power cat get-up.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, Sarah! I'm looking forward to next year's 4th at Emily and Steve's house. AG

JenJ said...

We DID miss out on your firework show!!!! SO fun!
Molly looks so beautiful in front of that cake. She is quite a knock out!!!

Gray Family said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun. It's so sad to see Owen sad but I love the cake Molly had. You always have fun desserts.

Sarah said...

Gray family,
That cake was the best we could do at Grandpa's house. Molly had fun making it with me.

Family Journal said...

It appears that we did miss out! Our night consisted of 2 cancelled fireworks shows, and some mosquito bites. Humbug!

Hilary said...

Hi Sarah,

We need to catch up. I found a comment of yours on Stephanie's blog, so I now have your blog to view! Dave's switched practices in the spring so we have another busy year ahead. But someday we will get together! We'd love to see you!

Sarah said...

Hello! Yes, we do need to catch up. I need to hear more about these changes. I'll email you soon.