Monday, September 22, 2008

pizza and prayers

On Saturday, we spent some time with Stephanie and Christian at the hospital. First stop was to see Miss Stephanie. She was more responsive than I've ever seen her. Her sister, Page, was there when we arrived and the two seemed to be having a delightful conversation - Page talking about happy childhood memories and such, and Stephanie waving her mummied-arms and moving something fierce! She wanted to talk so badly! It was exciting, but we also felt her frustration. We told her we love her and we're so proud of her. We just keep praying for her and hope that she feels some comfort when we tell her of the thousands of people who are also praying. If flailing is any indication, she feels it and is very grateful!
We also talked with her Dad who recounted some funny stories about Steph's boyish page-boy haircut as a child, which happens to be the subject of her blog today.
Christian has been awake and alert for several days and it was great to visit with him finally. He looked so good! He's really healing nicely. We brought him his favorite LGO avocado pizza and he accepted it so graciously - mmmm-ing and smiling and thanking. Christian was visibly tired and I am sure we stayed too long, but he seemed happy to talk to us - repeatedly expressing gratitude and concern and love for Stephanie, and us all. We assured him of our love as well.
So many miracles we've witnessed already. And we're praying for more.


Melanie said...

I look constantly for updates on them when you talked about them yesterday in primary it brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad they are doing good and healing well. We will keep praying for them

Abby said...

that is so wonderful to hear. i think the greatest miracle of all of this is the amazing love that has been cultivated and shared so freely.

Sarah said...

thank you! I couldn't look your way in primary because I know you have followed the story pretty closely and I know you have been so concerned. I think I kept it together pretty well. thanks for your prayers.

i think you're right.

Taya said...


I am glad things are on the mend even though it's been a very tough road and more to go. You are all in our daily prayers and thoughts.

On another note I figured out that I know your family from Mesa High days. It's such a small world when you really think about it! My sister Summer was really good friends with Heidi!

Sarah said...

Thank you! I just read on Aimee's blog that your dad was recently in a plane crash, but was not injured. I'm so glad!

It IS a small world. I will tell Heidi about our connection.

MarySue said...

Sarah, I found your blog due to the prior NieNie auction and your lovely quilt. Now I hope you don't mind that I peek in occasionally. In case you don't remember me I'm Jesse Knight's mom (and oh so happy to be).

Sarah said...

I absolutely remember you, Jesse's mom! I am happy to have "west side" friends comment any time. Thanks for the complements.

bekki said...


I am so glad to here that they are doing much better. It's amazing how Heavenly Father works.You just have to stop and think how many lives these two have changed after this and they don't even have a clue of how many people have changed because of them.

It makes you stop and evaluate you life and think you need to do some changing for the better.

Thank you for updating on them I don't know them at all but from reading your sweet kind words and the love you have for them makes me feel like I know them just a little bit.

You are a great person Sarah.

We still pray for them daily.

wendy said...

Thanks for this beautiful update. They are always in my prayers.

JenJ said...

I visited her blog the other day, fun girl!! Thanks for introducing me to her, blog-wise. They have been in our prayers too and I am so happy to hear things are going well!