Thursday, September 25, 2008

too much tv, maybe

A few days ago, I was putting Owen down for a nap and I said, "Owen I love you!"
And he said, "I love my mom. My mom is cool!"
Of course, I was thrilled. My 2 year old thinks I'm cool. And he knows how to speak about me in the third person, when I am right there with him. What a darling, brilliant child I have.
The next day. I said "Owen I love you."
And he said, "I love my mom. My mom is cool!" Um, this is sounding suspicious and somewhat familiar to me now. And then I remembered. SID THE SCIENCE KID chants this little couplet everyday. DARN THAT SID. And actually, that's not a bad phrase to learn from TV, so I shouldn't be disappointed.
But I am, a little.


Anna said...

Sarah, How are you? I have been checking your blog now and again and it is so funny you posted about your son today because I just posted about my son trying to imitate Hip Hop Harry. I cannot stand that show. There are so many other kid shows out there that he could be watching and can learn something valuable from. Not much value in watching a bear wear saggy shorts, gold chain and a hat cocked to the side.

Still praying for your family.

Anna-(The awesome quilt winner. The quilt that is. Not me. I'm far from being "awesome". :) )

Sarah said...

Anna, you ARE the awesome winner! I was just commenting on your blog and came back to mine to see your comment here. Great to hear from you.
I have not heard of Hip Hop Harry before you mentioned it. Is he not a good role model? Is Sid the Science Kid? Not really good or bad.

Abby said...

ooh i can't handle sid. but i love that o-meister.

Gina and David said...

Hey Sarah. It's Gina from high school. I've been checking your blog since Amy put posted it for our PL group on facebook. I've also been obsessed with Nie and her blog and progress as well as Christian too.
Too funny that you wrote this as I just did a blog about Sid the other day. We made kool aid ice pops just like Sid. It was a complete disaster and stained my kids feet and hands. I won't do that little experiment again.
Anyway, I put a post on my blog about Nienie and Sundae wrote and said she's been an avid reader for years, but had no idea that you were related. Then, one of my new friends up here in Prescott wrote that she reads nienie. It's amazing what a small world we all live in. I'm glad you are doing well and I have to ask...did you have a perm in high school? Your straight hair is awesome. I guess I always thought it was naturally curly.

Sarah said...

GINA! So go to hear from you! I continue to be amazed at the outpouring of love for Steph and Christian. They really need all these prayers. It IS such a small world.

And yes, I did have a perm in H.S. My hair is pretty wavy now so I still have to straighten it. Amy asked me the same thing.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny, Sarah! He's so smart for knowing when to say it. AG

Naylor Family said...

Taylee said the same thing to me yesterday, and made me wonder the same thing...I'm glad she thinks I'm cool too, it seems like it's a good show for her to be watching...but maybe too much TV? If it just wasn't so convinient!

Also, for your softie blankets with the minkey material on one side and cotton on the other, do you do anything to the middle of it(little stitches or put anything there) to make it stay together and not get funny shaped? Thanks, you're such an amazing sewer, I keep telling myself someday...maybe someday!

Anna said...

That's so funny that we commented at the same time.

You should be glad you haven't heard of that show before. It comes on in the morning after a "good" kid show and I try my hardest to turn off the TV when it comes on. I would much rather have my son watch Sid the Science Kid and say "My Mom is Cool" than try to imitate a Hip-Hop Rapping Bear. But there are probably tons of parents out there who like the show. Everyone has different tastes.

I would still take it as a great compliment,eventhough he learned it from TV. : )


jennifer said...

Owen is too cute. Seriously darling little boy, esp. w/the yellow shoes (I can only imagine how cute they are on you!)

Why haven't I heard of any of these kids' shows? We don't have cable, so poor Ethan is stuck between "Super Why" and "Fetch with Ruff Ruffman," both of which have supremely annoying theme songs. My philosophy on parenting toddlers: You Can Never Have Too Much T.V.

Speaking of: eighteen minutes until the season premier of "The Office." I'm coming, Jim! I'm coming...

Melissa said...

Tee hee!

Sarah said...

Sid the Science Kid is new on PBS. Maybe you could petition the local station for your right to watch Sid. And while you're at it, I want to know what ever happened to ZOOM. Love that show.

Don't you think Michael looked good with facial hair last night?

Naylor Family,
I have lately been quilting the whole softie (with no batting or anything), but I also do it with no stitching in the middle at all. Just sew around the edge twice. It stays together pretty well. Call me if you want a better explanation. Did you ever finish the baby quilt you were working on?

Naylor Family said...

Thanks for the help! I finished the quilt a week or so ago. There's a picture on my blog. It looks a lot better in person-for some reason the colors just don't look right on the computer! Thanks for teaching Lindsay so she could teach me!