Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Birthday month it is. Today we are celebrating my sister in law, Jessica's big day. She is smart. She is beautiful. She is going to have a baby this summer. Their first. I'm so excited! I know they are too.
Happy Birthday Jessica! Hope your day is fabulous.


abby said...

that picture? really? that one? too cruel.

happy birthday, jessica! we love you.

Jessica Lowenthal said...

Thanks, Sarah! I love being a part of this great family. (Abby: which picture?)

Emily said...

Jessica is awesome. I'm excited for their baby, sort of as much as I am for my own. Is that Norah on her lap in the first photo? I'm kind of in shock about her hair color.

Neil and Diana said...

Happy birthday, Jessica!!! I love you and hope you have a fantastic year.

Sarah said...

I think Abby is referring to the bottom picture where she and I are are very recently post-partum. And really, she looks good. We need a more recent photo of all the ladies in this family.