Friday, February 26, 2010

i am out of touch. and i am old.

when mark and i went to watch the phoenix suns recently, i was reminded of the last, and only other, suns game i attended.  18 years ago.  i think.  it was a finals game.  with all the hometown favs:  danny ainge, charles barkley, tom chambers, k. j., thunder dan, kurt rambis, etc.  it was thrilling.

when i saw all those old favorites' retired jerseys on display, i felt really old.
the suns current lineup - nash, stoudemire, richardson, barbosa (these are the only ones that stand out to me right now) - is impressive, for sure, but nothing like the glory days of the early 90's.  is it just me?  is anyone with me here?
don't get me wrong.  the game was so fun and i loved cheering for the suns with my utah jazz boy.  but i am now older than most of the players.  i could be their...aunt?  maybe steve nash's slightly older sister.  it's just sort of surreal.  when did this all happen? 

don't be jealous that we sat so close to steve. or that thunder dan was within hollering distance.or that tom chambers sat within feet of us.  i was trying to be coy and snap this picture without him knowing. (great to have a little point and shoot for star struck moments.)  


amyraye said...

those are still MY phoenix suns, too. i don't even know who any of those guys are that you mentioned that are currently playing. all i (want to) remember is how dreamy dan majerle was... :)

amyegodfrey said...

ah, yes. Remember when we went to a rally in downtown Phoenix, when they won the championship?

JenJ said...

The Suns! I was even a Suns fan for awhile there during the glory days. I like Nash. Didn't he used to play for my Mavericks??
JEALOUS of your very cool seats!
AND you succeeded in making me feel very old and out of touch too!! :)

Emily said...

I've been feeling old too.

Eighteen years ago I was feeling jealous that Mike Pierson took you, who didn't even love the Suns, to that game. Today, I'm happy that you got to go. Way to score good seats. I'm guessing that was a work perk?

abby said...

nice seats!!! i must be old too, then, because i remember coloring pictures in my notebook of "my three suns": ainge, majerle, and kj. or was it barkley? no matter, it was dorky.

but you do know how i feel about steve nash.

Nancy said...

even I remember those days and I'm not a basketball fan. My friend was in love with Dan Marjele (sp?) and we used to drive past his house hoping to see him. We never saw him, but we went to watch a game at the America West Arena when the players weren't even playing there and even that was thrilling. My sixth grade teacher was in LOVE with Tom Chambers, she would have been jealous of you! P.S. I like your shirt a lot, I think we needed a shot of that!

Sarah said...

um, emily, i beg to differ. i was definitely a suns fan. those were the golden years. the olympics in '92 - the dream tea? please? don't you remember i took neil and abby and maybe you to the baseball card store to buy the limited edition magazine cover of our dream team?

i originally blogged about all of this, but i deleted it before posing. should of stuck to my guns.

JenJ said...

Hey, sent you something for the boys. I forgot to say who it is from..... Should get it any day.

Sarah said...

who didn't love dan majerle, except for nancy's 6th grade teacher? he is coaching the suns now, so all his female fans get to see him still.

i did not attend that rally, nor do i remember it. must have been abby and neil. maybe emily's right about my loyalty?

we love nash here too. i think you're right about playing for the mavericks.

i've already said my peace with you. except that the tickets were from a work friend of mark's.

nash is a friend of a coworker of mark's. and i heard ferris passed out at 31 flavors.

how did you know where dan lived? maybe you should have tried driving past his restaurant.

Sarah said...

thanks jenj! i love to get things in the mail. i can't wait.

erin said...

Love this post! YES, those are the Suns I remember and loved. When Grant & I were first married ('92) I was working at a bookstore off of Camelback and 40th Street. Kevin Johnson used to come in frequently. He was very quiet and usually hung out in the business section. He was super low-key (and not super tall), so he was usually under the radar to the other people there. Once I helped Tom Chambers. He is a presence ( and NOT under the radar, probably ever) ! I felt him in front of me before I looked up & up & up to see him standing in front of me. Also very polite. Glad you got to go. Great seats!

Sarah said...

very cool. did you gush and get autographs, or play it cool?

Amy said...

I remember when they moved in to America West Arena! I felt old yesterday when commentators of the closing ceremonies remarked at how amazing it was the a certain Canadian athlete was 37 years old!

Muche said...

Nice seats! The ones we would get would require more than a "point and shoot" type of camera to get those pictures. More one like NASA uses! Fun fun, and thanks for reminding me that I'm right there with you, in age and all!!!

Jennifer said...

Sarah, at least you get to feel old while watching something cool like a Pheonix Suns game. Imagine growing older in Kennewick? The Hanford Site and I...we're ageing together.

p.s. when can I call you? (that sounded like a terrible pick-up line...)

Sarah said...

it was a good pick-up line.

pam said...

At least you still look great. Charles Barkley has definitely seen better days!

Sarah said...

wow. i look old in these pictures. whatwasithinking?