Saturday, February 20, 2010

quilting pedigree

My mom taught me to sew.  Starting around 25 years ago.
My Grandma taught my mom to sew.
My friend's {Amy's} mom {Nevada} taught me to quilt.  About 10 years ago.
My same friend's sister {Staci} taught Amy and Nevada to quilt.

A little history.
Staci was already married and moved away by the time Amy and I became friends {almost 24 years ago}.  As teenagers, we went to visit her a few times in California.  All we wanted to do was play at the beach and go to the mall.  Staci and Bob carted us around to make it happen.  They were great hosts.  And quite generous to entertain 2 teen girls.

When my first child was born 11+ years ago, Nevada sent me the most amazing baby quilt I had ever seen.  Not a tied quilt like I had made before, but a pieced, vintage-inspired, machine-quilted quilt.  It was something totally new.  It was gorgeous.  I HAD to learn how to do this!    Later, Amy gifted me a beautiful quilt when my second child was born too.  Nevada and Amy continued to pump out stunning quilts.  Teaching me along the way as well.  And according to them, Staci was the mastermind behind it all.  I kept hearing "Staci found this fabric," and "Staci showed me this stippling technique," and "Staci made this beautiful Danish quilt."  She was almost legendary.

So, the other day, imagine my excitement when a package arrived with Staci's name in the return address.  2 darling quilts inside.  A total surprise.  Staci also happens to have twin boys.  Only hers are getting ready to leave on missions to Brazil.  Wow.

I am so happy to be the recipient of these quilts for my babies.  Really thrilled, actually.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE QUILTS and am very touched by her thoughtfulness.

Thank you Staci!

And Nevada.
And Amy.
And Grandma.
And Mom.

I am a quilter because of all of you.


Steve and Erin Larsen said...

Sarah, I found your blog through Liz! You are so talented! I want one of those quilts! How do you find time to make them with all of your kids? You are amazing!! Your twins are precious by the way!

Gina said...

Those quilts are awesome! I would totally want to learn to sew anything, but I am so not talented like that.
Cute quilts.
Cute babies.

Brooke said...

staci is amazing. and thoughtful. and generous. and talented. and even though i am listed nowhere on the quilting pedigree, i'm proud to be related to the ones that are. the quilts are fabulous! and so are the boys.

Sarah said...

brooke, you and kristen should probably be listed on the quilting pedigree too. everytime i was at your house, you and kristen were working on some cute new quilt. it was always so amazing to me that your mom found time to teach EVERYONE to quilt.

love that you commented here.

Nancy said...

Those quilts are beautiful, I love her fabric choices so cute and so boy. And what fun for you to be on the receiving end of such beautiful quilts for a change, you will really appreciate them because you know how much work goes into them! And by the way, you are the reason I quilt at all (not that I've mastered it like you) but I took it up because I was so inspired by your quilts, so thanks Sarah!

Sarah said...

cool nancy. so you are part of my quilting pedigree as well.

Sarah said...

or progeny. better.

abby said...

they are so cool. what a generous gift!

Bridget said...

those quilts are gorgeous! so colorful. love em.

amyegodfrey said...

I love everything you said. I'm grateful the Harward women taught you to quilt because you are wonderfully gifted at quilting yourself. You have quilted your way into many hearts. Great post!

amyegodfrey said...

Oh, and I love the quilts Staci made!

Sarah said...

fun story. it reminds me of my mother-in-law and her talented daughters. these quilts are made with my sis-in-laws fabric line which was so exciting to see! hope all is well in sunny AZ!

Sarah said...

I was totally going to comment on her blog and tell her. just haven't gotten around to it yet. i'm glad you reminded me. cute cute fabrics.

sunny az is great. what about brrrr canada?

merideth said...

you just made my sisters' day. her fabrics look fabulous in these quilts.
how perfect for your two baby boys.

allison said...

Love the quilts! So exciting to see someone turn the fabrics into adorable quilts. Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

Oh Sarah! You all are so talented! And this post has inspired me to finally replace my quilting machine. I really miss it! (and really should do something with all this fabric!)

Aimee's Family Journal said...

After doing so many for others, you were able to get some back. It is so cute how much you love that gift, after giving so many away. Sarah you are so wonderful.