Thursday, March 25, 2010

bird update

When we found a small blue cracked (smashed really) egg on the door mat (sad), Mark decided to check the nest. This time we found 4 blue eggs. This is crazy.  
Did the mama bird toss one out because she knew it was a bad egg? What happened?  How many little baby birds are we going to have here?  

I keep not having my camera out when we check the nest.


Steve and Erin Larsen said...

I totally read your blog, hope you don't mind!! :) My sister in law had the same thing happen to her wreath on her front door last easter!! They had little baby blue robin eggs and the baby birdies lived there till they were big enough to fly off on their own! It was so cute!

skinners said...

i think it's perfect for Easter!

Neil and Diana said...

Thank you for posting about the nest it is exciting to read!

Gina said...

I like reading about it too. When I had hampsters in the 7th grade, they had babies and the mama ate any weak ones. Maybe it's the same. Albeit disguisting. Hey at least mama has good taste and takes up residence on your cute wreath.

Angie said...

I was looking through your past posts for quilt inspiration. I am having a baby boy in July and I just bought some new fabric. Last year you gave me the dimensions for the quilt your made for the Nie Nie auction. It has a square in a square and each block is 12.5 inches... anyway. I've made that quilt and it turned out darling. I saw another quilt you made that alternated one of those squares with a 6.5 inch square in the middle, but next to it was another block that had a smaller square in the middle. (I think you made it for a girl away at college. The colors were pink and turquoise and orange.) Do you happen to know the dimensions of that block with the smaller square in the center? Does this make any sense? Don't worry if you have no idea... I just thought I'd ask. Have you ever made a quilt with just the block that has the smaller square in the middle?

You introduced me to Yellow brick road which I love and have made many times. Thanks for your help and quilting inspiration!! You have a gift!

Your twins are darling! Congrats.

Angie (in Utah)

P.S. We had a bird on our front door last year. The mommy bird was so stressed about us going in and out that she ditched the nest. Sad. Hope you have some baby birds soon!!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you've had success with yellow brick road and the other squares quilt.
I know the quilt you are talking about with the smaller square in the middle. I think I cut it at 3 1/2 inches, so when it's a sewn, it's 3 inches. The outer borders are cut at 5 inches, which should make the whole square 12.5 inches. I don't think I've made a quilt with just the smaller square in the middle, but I think it'd be cute.

Thanks for checking in.

Angie said...

Thanks for your help! I am excited to get going on a quilt for this baby. I am going to try out that square with a 3.5 inch center... and probably do the whole quilt that way. I think it will be super cute with the fabric I have.

Also, I spent some time on the baby name wizard web site yesterday, since I saw your post on it. I liked the site. We are struggling coming up with a name for this little guy. I am glad I don't have to pick 2 names!
Thanks again. I love your style. You have flawless taste.

Angie said...

I am due the end of July. This will be our second boy and we have two girls. We're pretty excited.

Sarah said...

congrats angie!