Wednesday, March 24, 2010

think alfred hitchcock

we've had company for about 2 weeks.  
she's cute, but really loud.  
and quite territorial.  
she acts like she owns the place.
she definitely does not like her picture taken.
her presence is thrilling, and at the same time, annoying, and sometimes scary.

she's a bird.
she has built her nest on top of our front door wreath.
and there's a little blue egg inside.
we looked.everytime we open the door, she darts away.  watching from somewhere close because as soon as the door closes, she is right back in the nest.  it's sweet, right?  it's new life.  i do like watching her through the window and wondering when we'll see her baby.  but i'll admit i am a little spooked by the whole thing.
i am very nervous that one day she is going to fly into our house in her haste to get away.  i cannot handle a bird in my house.  last night we got home late from a family birthday party.  as we approached the door, she became agitated and hovered frantically around the doorway.  mark went in quickly and the rest of us entered through the garage.  i get why she's territorial: it's her baby, for heaven's sake.  i get it.  but what happens when her egg hatches?  will the constant opening and closing of the door knock her cute baby out of the nest?  i am slightly paranoid about this situation.  maybe this is why we don't have pets.

on a nature-related tangent:  here are a few shots of the front yard.  i planted these marigolds last weekend.  i have not appreciated marigolds until recent years.  i used to think of them as pretty weeds.  now i really like their simplicity and bright color.  i hope they are hearty.  the purple flowers are called blue marguerite.
beautiful early springs almost make summers bearable here.


Stepi said...

wow! the bird is a tricky situation isn't it? Darn.

I didn't always love marigolds either, but have changed my mind in recent years. They just grow so well, never stop blooming, and are so bright and cheerful! They are, most importantly, hard to kill unlike several other plants I've tried!

Courtney said...

I used to occasionally get birds in my house when we lived in AZ. I can remember chasing them around with a broom while my kids chased them screaming with joy. Much more fun for the kids than the mom.

Anna said...

Hi, Sarah. It's been awhile. I'm not blogging much these days but I still love to check my faves.

I love the beautiful pictures you posted. I love your plantars and the flowers you chose. I'm so ready for spring and some colorful plantings of my own.:-)

We had birds make a nest on our door in Jan. and one flew inside when our home teachers came over. We still had our Christmas tree up so it flew right to the tree. It was a crazy scene at our home with my husband and home teachers trying to get that bird back outside. But finally it did and we haven't seen either bird since then.

Good luck with the bird and the egg. It's a neat experience for the kids to see it hatch.

Sarah said...

oh wow! that's me big fear! it will probably happen when it's just me and the twins here. i'm already nervous.
so good to hear from you.

Sarah said...

it sounds like it's not that uncommon to have birds in the house. i think it's funny that your kids enjoyed it.

stepi, glad you like marigolds too.

Emz said...

ok-soooo feel for you on the bird drama. AND I love the wreath.



I want to know when you have time to garden & plant marigolds!??!


Emily said...

I've had at least three birds fly in my house. I HATE it! They get scared and poop everywhere, start flying into glass trying to get out, it freaks me out.

Melis said...

That happened in our garage yesterday. Ben was trying to get the bird out and the kids were running and screaming. It was hilarious! I also have 6 pillars on the front of my house. There is a bird perched on each one. Not sure what kind they are, (blue birds? They are blue) but they only sit at night. I hope there are no nests for the same reasons you are paranoid. Keep us posted on the outcome. This is funny.

Jennifer said...

I'm with Emily--when the heck are you gardening, taking beautiful photos, and caring for six kids? What is with you?? (And I ask that in a loving/non-envious way, really.)

Your photos are so good--your yard looks beautiful. I planted tulips for the first time last fall and they actually are coming up--I am thrilled. I so want to be that gardening old lady--I'm working on it! (in skills as well as years.)

The bird story's great--what a neat experience for your kids, though not so much for you. I rented "The Birds" on the first Halloween Derrick and I were married, and couldn't believe how scary a movie about birds could be. All those black birds on the rooftops? Still gives me chills.

Great post!

Muche said...

I just had two birds in the house, it was a couple, because once I got one out, it kept calling the other inside like crazy. Poor little scare birdies, their heart were going a hundred mile/hour when I held them! BTW, bird nests on the front door make a huge mess and attract little bugs, just a warning, been there!

Sarah said...

yes. we have lots of bugs at our door. what should i do? help!

Emily said...

Being a "Utah Girl," I am loving your beautiful Spring flowers while I look at the snow falling outside. A few more months, and we'll be right there with you (if I can muster the patience). I feel the same way about marigolds. My mother always planted them, but I never understood her love for them. Now, my garden isn't complete without that splash of orange.

When I lived in New York, they were remodeling our ward house. We were a Singles Branch, so we were quite small. We met in the gym while the other wards took the chapel and the classrooms. Two birds decided to establish their homes in the rafters of the gym. Then, they had babies. It always makes me smile to think of bird chirping during the silence of the sacrament. And there was the one time that a friend of mine got some poop on the cheek during Sunday School.

Sarah said...

Oh wow! My first thought when you said birds in the rafters was bird poop. Yikes. I know that's what we'll get if the birds get in the house.

Muche said...

Not sure what to do about the bugs! Birds grow fast and leave quick...but then they are fertile again and have more babies! I had removed the nest from the door before she had eggs one time, and she got MAD, kept chirping at me. She kept rebuilding, but finally gave up and left my unfriendly front door! Cute birds, but then not so cute :)