Tuesday, March 16, 2010

puj /pudge/

The Puj tub is a new infant bathtub unlike anything I've seen or used before. The Puj people (I like saying that) sent me my very own Puj tub to review and try for myself.  Here's what Hank and George and I thought:
  • Both my babies cry at bathtime, UNTIL I used the Puj tub. No lie. They love it.
  • Fits in the sink so I can stand and bathe them.
  • No bending over the bathtub,  which kills my back.
  • Stores completely flat.
  • Hangs easily on any hook (for example on the back of the bathroom or laundry room door).
  • No bulky storage here.
  • Easy to fold/unfold and click magnets together/apart with one hand.
  • Made of soft foam.
  • To drain, just unfold.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • Did I mention no crying with this tub?  It's true.
  • When I filled the tub (before the baby got in) some of the water spilled out onto the counter.  There are a few holes, which I think is a great idea so you don't overfill it, but it was somewhat awkward to figure out at what angle the tub should be, so the water would spill into the sink, not the counter.  The second time I used it, I got the hang of it a little better by using less water and changing the angle of the tub somewhat.
  • Each baby got so excited and happy to be in this tub, that they kicked their legs enough so the magnets holding the tub together came unclicked.  This caused a little of the water to spill out into the sink, but the shape of the sink still kept the tub together, for all intents and purposes.
  • The faucet seemed to be in the way a little.  Maybe that's just my short faucet.
  • Not easy to wash the babies' hair in this tub.  So i just did that in the sink after the bath.
Overall, I think this product has some serious back-saving, happy-baby goodness.  I am impressed with the creative minds behind the Puj.  Check our their exclusive website for baby bath tubs.  


Emily said...

Glad you got it. I do love mine ever so much. Although, you're right, washing hair in it is not practical, but I just wrap Calvin up in the towel and wash his hair in the sink while I hold him. It takes two seconds. Man, you get to give two babies baths...I forget how you are doing double the work with these two.

amyraye said...

how in the world did you get hooked up with free baby products to review?!
the baby is adorable.
getting rid of the back slump is genious.

Nancy said...

I've never had a little one to try in a Puj, so fun to see you trying it with yours, looks like it went well!

amyegodfrey said...

Hank is definitely enjoying his bath. Amy, it's all in who you know.

Angela said...

Your boys are so cute! And I am a fan of the Puj tub too. I found that mine works better in the kitchen sink because I can move the faucet out of the way, and it's square so it holds the tub together, and Jane can't kick it open like she can in the bathroom sink. And I use a cup to wash her hair, but you'd need a faucet you could move out of the way for that as well.

Sarah said...

thanks angela! i'll try that.

Gina said...

That looks so cool. What a great idea. We still have the big clunky tub, but I imagine, Noah will move the the kitchen sink in the next month or so once he can officially sit on his own. Cute idea though!

Sarah said...

yeah, i think it's meant for 0 - 6 month olds anyway. i guess i should have mentioned that on my post.

Sarah said...

Great post Sarah! I've been pondering the puj & i think it'd work great in our new powder room / kitchen sink! I think we'll give it a shot!

PS. How cute are those babies!!!???

Jennifer said...

I think it's worth buying the product just so you can say "Puj tub" any time you feel like it. I'm going to work that into my vocabulary somehow.

Glad it's helping you--the easy storage is the best part. Usually those tubs are so clunky. And, of course, the back-saving part--huge deal! I just want to know why you look so cute bathing one of your newborn twins. I am barely human at this stage, even with only one baby. You make it all look so easy. I know it's not, but feel good about the fact that you make it look that way. :)

JenJ said...

Hey, those sons of yours are SO adorable. Good lookin men. Love the Puj!