Monday, April 19, 2010

i'm like a bird, i'll only fly away

these are not mama and papa birds.  these are 2 of the babies.  the four of them, all grown up it seems, sit in the tiny nest, which must be very cramped by now.  they watch me as i cautiously open the door for visitors.  they watch me as i scurry to shut the door - hoping to not welcome a feathered friend into the house.

secondary to the fear of birds in my home, is the mess they're leaving.  surprisingly, it's a distant second.

i think we have been more than tolerant landlords.  but enough is enough.

i cannot wait until they find a tree or a bush to call home.  cannot. wait.


Jennifer said...

The birds are lovely, but the most important thing I learned from this post is that the lyrics say "I'll only fly away." I always thought she said, "I wanna fly away." I've never had very good hearing. Thanks for clarifying.

Have they actually been inside your house yet?

Emz said...

man. you are an angel. not sure why but birds.....


Would so much rather have a family of rodents, scorpions or even snakes living at my door.

Sarah said...

I'm certain lovely is not the right word, but I know you are trying to make me feel better.

I really don't know if I am right about those lyrics.

I don't want birds at my front door, but rats? And scorpions? Those are reasons to call the exterminator.

abby said...

the important question is have you named them??

Muche said...

Watch out that they do it again! My bird-renters had extended their stay by having a second set of babies!!!!