Friday, April 16, 2010

we're not canadian [but sometimes we pretend]

the pool was 74 degrees this week (for water, that's chilly).  and the outside temp was in the sweltering high 80's.  so of course, the kids thought they needed to go swimming.  they invited some dare-devil friends over to share in the shock value of swimming in april.
it was very cold.  but they had a blast on their first* official swim of the season.

*not including the polar bear challenge when they dared each other to jump in on new year's day.  that lasted 3.5 seconds.


abby said...

are those molly's friends? boy friends?! hmmm.

Sarah said...

molly does not have boyfriends. pa-lease! they are longtime neighborhood/ward/carpool friends.

Church Fam said...

Great pictures. Mine keep asking, but we haven't been in yet. Although after yesterday's temps I'm ready to jump in myself.

Hilary said...

We did the same thing. Our pool is up to 78 deg. (Not as big as yours). Jill loved it even though she was shivering after a while.

Emz said...

well today was our first offical swim day.


Sarah said...

are you still getting vertical text from me? what in the world?

erin said...

Great pics Sarah! The boys were thrilled with the invite. They swam in our pool a couple of weeks ago with the cousins. They kept saying how "warm" your pool was by comparison! They are crazy. BTW, if you get a chance, I'd love it if you could email a copy of the pick of Jack. So fun. Thanks again.

Gina said...

Looks like fun. The pools up here in Prescott don't get above 78 the entire summer. It's always freezing. I miss Phoenix...but only for the swimming pool.

Sarah said...

i don't think i would be swimming if i lived there. or maybe just heat the water. do you get in the water?

michelle rasor said...

oh, my kids are nuts. they've been swimming for weeks! :)

Jennifer said...

Fun photos! Great colors. It's in the eighties here, too, believe it or not--so rare that our weather patterns cross. Looks like fun.

By the way, did I see a Lee boy in one of those photos? Never mind...I don't want to know. :(

Sarah said...

No Lee boys, Jennifer. Not that day.