Monday, June 14, 2010


As a fundraiser/service, the local cub scouts put these flags up around our neighborhood, six times a year.  Our street alone boasts 11 flags.  And since Mark is the cub master, he and Jonah, and usually Owen, help put them up, starting at 6 am.  The boys love it, and I love driving our neighborhood on these holidays when patriotism abounds.


amyraye said...

damon is ym pres and started the same fundraiser last year. i, too, love these little flags lining our street (though, there's only 4 on our street and not 11).

Sarah said...

get nolan out in his cub uniform. i bet he could sell a lot to your other neighbors. more than those young men, for sure.

amyegodfrey said...

That is beautiful! Terrific idea!

JenJ said...

More details on the flag service with cubs. I want to do it here. What did you do? How did you do it? Logistics?? ETC. :) GREAT IDEA!! You can email me if it is better. in case my email is not handy, though I know you have it. :)
You are awesome great Sarah!!

Sarah said...

Long skinney metal poles
Flags zip tied or somehow fastened
Routes: created to around 20 homes
Scouts take turns setting up and taking down
Setup: ~6:00am
TakeDown: ~7:00pm
Stored: storage unit
Community: sold 14 flags to cover entrances
- 7 entrances, 2 per
Charge: $30/yr ($5/holiday = 6 holidays)
PVC sleeves (~8 inches long) with threaded on cap buried in yard below grass level so as not to hit sleeve with lawn mower
Red Fleur-de-lis scout symbol spray painted on sidewalk to identify location of plastic sleeve
Cubs put on uniform and go door to door selling the flag service at beginning of year. They use flyers explaining the service with a list of dates. Check are made out to BSA troop 388 (our troop)

Hopefully that helps. It looks fantastic and we have neighbors asking us how to get a flag in their yard every holiday. So if the cubs sell a few you will grow from there. We use this as the one fundraiser that our cubscouts are allowed to do each year.

Emz said...

loooks like having a truck is a prerequisite to having a flag. ;)

JenJ said...

Looks great. Love everything about it.

MH. lovely by m said...

Hi Sarah,

I hadn't stopped by here in a long time but then linked over from Liz's blog and was happy to catch up. Love the new header...well it's new to me! Hope you and your darling family are great.