Thursday, June 10, 2010


This morning, while I was attempting to go back to sleep on the couch, I opened my eyes long enough to see Mark run out the back door, exclaiming, " A lizard just fell in the pool!!!"

Without missing a beat, the emergency crew (Molly and Owen) were on his heels.  That's right.  We take our lizard safety seriously.  They eat the bad bugs, so they are pretty much royalty.  {Please don't tell me that's suburban legend, and they're actually vegetarians.}

The lizard was skimmed out of the pool alive, but when Molly came back in, she informed me, he had water in his lungs, and might not make it.

I am pretty calloused to the reality of lizards dying.  I can't get attached - there are dozens guarding our property all summer long.  I'd like to say hundreds, because that sounds better, but let's be real.

{Don't discount dozens.  Dozens are A LOT.  12 x 5?  12 x 12?  Who knows?}  

Usually, they are small.  Kind of gross, and mostly unimpressive.  But the other day Mark fished out a HUGE, very IMpressive, dead lizard from the pool.  It looked like someone's pet iguana.  Easily could have been sold at the pet store for $30.  {Anyone know if I'm even close on the price of iguanas?}

Then yesterday, his twin brother came by.  This one was a little smaller, but pet-store-worthy, for sure.  He stayed on our patio most of the day, even with kids in and out and Mark and I getting dangerously close.  He would only scurry a little, but held his ground.  I think he was looking for his brother.

Just keep your appetite up while you mourn, Mr. Lizardi*.

I think this story really could have gone somewhere.  More then I took it.  But let's not forget that my morning nap was interrupted and I am tired.  I just don't have it in me.

*Mr. Lizardi was my brother's 5th grade teacher.  I just remembered that.  Neil, let's see if you are reading my blog.


Diane Barazoto said...

Oh my gosh! We have lizards too, but nothing like yours. Our's are mini lizards compared to yours. That one actually scares me a little.

neil said...

I don't remember a Mr. Lizardi, but I did have a 4th grade teacher named Mr. Lazarr.

Heather said...

eww! we just get the small gecko's over here in chandler, that one is massive! I'm told by my pest guy that yes, the lizards eat crickets (scorpion food) and scorpions.

we also get the albino looking ones that seem to only come out at night. anyone know what those are?

Sarah said...

That's funny. Really funny. I am remembering now that I used to teach with a Ms. Lizardi before Grace was born. I can't believe I forgot that. Mr. Lazarr is close though.
Thanks for checking in.

Emily said...

I'm laughing at this exchange. I knew Mr. Lizardi wasn't right, but I couldn't remember the real name. Mr. Lazarr could tell stories! Did you know he cut off a toe?

PS -- I don't know a Niel, but Neil is my (our) little brother.

Sarah said...

He likes it when I transpose the letters in his name, sheesh.

Emz said...

I'll trade you your lizards for our scorpions in our pool??

Do we have a deal?!?!

Sarah said...


Gina said...

I don't know Neil, but I had a 4th grade teacher named Mr. Lazarr at Arroyo. Did we go to the same school? Weird.

Anyway, I used to have a cat who would bring me lizards in the middle of the night through the little kitty door and into my living room. Some alive, some not so much, some whole, some missing a head. I once had just a torso. I used to put a glass bowl over them and then slide a paper plate under it and throw the whole thing in the bush by my front door. I hated those little buggers.

I don't think I'd have a glass bowl big enough for your pet store worthy lizards. Be thankful you don't have a cat who brings them in your house.

Sarah said...

It's the same Mr. Lazarr at Arroyo. Neil is my younger brother and would have been there 5 years after you.

I am VERY glad I don't have a lizard-delivering cat. Yikes.

abby said...

my fourth grade teacher was mrs. stutsman. can you name the next lizard that?

amyraye said...

abbi- we have a 4th-grade teacher named mrs. stutzman. she retired last year.

sarah- the lizard is both beautiful and frighteningly disgusting. wow. i do NOT remember lizards of those proportions when i lived in arizona.

Sarah said...

For all concerned with Lizard safety, I have good news. The lizard who fell into our pool as made a full recovery and is doing quite well. Back to eating lots of bugs. A big shout out goes to those participating on the emergency crew.

erin said...

I'm so glad he pulled through. We've had a monster one that lives out back and guards the back fence. I swear he was big enough to eat a bird, but sadly, Jack found him in the pool yesterday. He was too far gone by the time we found him. (Although next time we will know to call the EML's to come resuscitate any drowning victims). We have other smaller lizards and another monstrous one in the front. Hopefully they will grow larger as they eat the share of bugs which would have normally gone to their fallen leader!

JenJ said...

This has been a very entertaining Sunday night lizard exchange. :) I too love the bug eating lizards. They are great entertainment for my kiddos and well...they eat bugs. Texas has all the gecko variety and smaller versions of the one you found. Love those guys.