Tuesday, June 29, 2010

she's amazing

Grace turned nine a few days ago.  Nine!  What in the world?  It just doesn't seem possible.  When she was born, she pretty much saved me, emotionally.  She was a bright ray of hope, when everything else around me was really hard.  She is my amazing Grace, for lots of reasons.
Grace's top 9 list:
9.  loves to help with the twins and rarely complains.  
8.  always wants to do what's right.
7.  the peacemaker in our home.
6.  creative and artistic.
5.  talented swimmer, student and jump-roper.
4.  sensitive and caring.
3.  easy going, goes with the flow.
2.  can laugh at herself.
1.  we love her to pieces!  Happy Birthday Grace!


Melanie said...

she is darling!! I cant believe how much your girls are looking more and more like there beautiful Mom

Emily said...

We love both your June birthday girls and are sad Mark can't buy us dinner(!) on Wednesday to celebrate these beautiful girls. Happy birthday, girls, and we'll see you Saturday!

kristen said...

9? seriously? i remember when your girls were little.

Smith Family said...

What beautiful girls you have Sarah! You have handsome boys too but those girls....WOAH!~

Aimee's Family Journal said...

She sure does deserve that big pile of sugar and chocolate. And she is a bright spot in my life. I love that I get to spend time with her! YAY GRACE! I love you!

Gray Family said...

We always seem to be in California for Grace's birthday! Happy Birthday Gracey! and as a catch up... Happy Birthday Molly (Jeff is waiting for you to return so we can go out and pay you some serious money!) Love the kitchen, can't wait to see the floors in person, and I have seriously missed holding one of the boys during church - now I actually have to listen and pay attention! Hope you are having fun in Utah!

Jennifer said...

I remember clearly when you came to my "house" on the base right after we'd moved to Mesa. You'd just had Grace, and I'd just had Meg, and you brought me this gorgeous handmade quilt and I just looked at you and your girls and wondered how in the world you did it. She was beautiful then and is beautiful now. Is that Molly beside her? Oh my gosh, she looks five years older than the last pic I saw. How are these girls so old? Meg turned nine on Monday and I'm still in shock. What did Grace ask for for her b-day? I wish I knew your kids.

erin said...

She really is amazing.... Happy Birthday Grace! She is all those things you listed, and more. I loved working at the school the year she was in 2nd grade. I felt like it was a privilege to catch that little glimpse of her at school. When she is 10 (and you can make a longer list, you will have to add super-duper smart, but humble about it)! :)

Sarah said...

Grace doesn't ever ask for much. She's hard to shop for because I never know what she wants. She was thrilled with the Toy Story D.S. game and a few other things we got her. What about Meg?

amyegodfrey said...

Grace is amazing, you're right! Such a beautiful, precious girl. She's all that you wrote, and more.