Tuesday, July 27, 2010

wedding candids

count the cameras

beck (groom's nephew)

bride's aunt

mother of the groom . ashley's sister, leisel (also my fabulous hair dresser) . sterling . bridesmaids


leone, beck, alice, me

leisel and reachel

the wedding party

stephanie, christian, josh (all groom's family)

madison and savannah (bride's nieces)

home depot guy, luna lovegood and david hasselhoff in jeopardy skit.
so funny!

i realize we took a TON of pictures.  this is not all of them, but this will be the last wedding post.  with no kids, we certainly had our hands free to take all the pictures we wanted.  we missed the kids though.


Christie K said...

I know you may not remember me, I'm Jesse Knight's wife. But I just had to say I love your blog. Inspires me to be a better everything and I love the way you dress. Just had to say.

Sarah said...

I remember you, of course! Thanks for the nice words. That's about the nicest compliment ever.

Hilary said...

Hey Sarah, I love all the place-setting pictures! And David Hasselhoff. How much did he charge to be there? Or is he a friend of the family? ;)

Sarah said...

The "Hoff" came pretty cheap! America's Got Talent maybe isn't paying so well these days.