Wednesday, August 4, 2010

is it august already?

Back to our 4th of July Utah trip...
We met cousins at The Spaghetti Factory at Trolley Square for Molly's birthday dinner.
Later that week, we made our way to Park City.  We can't be in Utah and not ride the alpine slide.

We spend a day in Park City every year.  (Left the babies with my mom.)  Usually it is not very busy and it's worth it to buy the all day pass.  But this year it was very crowded, so we all just went down the alpine slide and the roller coaster once each. Note to self:  Do not go to Park City the day after a weekend holiday, because everyone'll have Monday off, and they'll all have your same stinkin' idea.
We stopped at the legendary Granny's in Heber for shakes.  Mark was right - best shakes ever!  Also very busy.
Then a picnic in Provo Canyon with my sisters and parents.
This boy was in HEAVEN!
This one too.
Grace played a little soccer with her cousins and wished she would have cooled off in the stream, but didn't know everyone was over there, in the water, while she was workin' up a sweat.  Not fair.
Abby and I did not plan our outfits.
Still in boy heaven.
Nana and Molly.


Emily said...

come back!

Heather said...

thanks for the tip on the alpine slides- we'll have to hit that next year when we drive through! thanks!

Amy said...

i cannot get over how beautiful molly is. you better invest in a biiiig rifle NOW.

Audra said...

not sure how I stumbled across your blog...I think it was when you found out you were expecting twins (I have twins- they're 12) anyway...I happened over again today. And guess what- we were in Park City over the 4th at the Marriot Mountain Resort (that huge green building right next to the Alpine slides and things). Craziness!

And yes- it was super busy! we did the chair lift up the mountain and then down to down town. It was fun- love love love park city!

Sarah said...

We probably saw each other! I didn't know you could take the chair up and then back to downtown. Really? I want to try that.

Audra said...

You can either go all the way up- and then back down the same way or go up and take the one to the side down to downtown...having a family with 4 females- we opted for going downtown and shopping! My poor husband!

Neil and Diana said...

I completely agree with Amy. And also, I love the pic of Amye and Molly.

Jennifer said...

Okay, Molly is an exact combo of you and Emily. In some of the pics she looks so much like Emily, and she's just so darn cute. A crossbreed of you and Emily? How could she be anything but gorgeous?

And Amye, you look fabulous! You have hardly changed a bit since the Kenney days. It's so fun to see Neil (he looks good/the same, also) and all the grandkids--they are all SO Godfrey, every one of them! Maybe that's b/c I don't know the inlaws. Darling photos. What a fun trip--hmmm, wish I could have been there--oh yeah, I WAS and we just didn't know it! You guys have such a great family.