Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the cabin: a photo history

We spent the weekend in Pinetop.  Took lots of photos.  Enjoyed the cool weather and rain.  Ate delicious food.  Visited with family.  Had a little birthday party for Alice.  Attended church [it was their primary program] and ran into a friend from home.  And as is tradition, we took the porch family photo.
Fall 2010
Spring 2008
Winter 2007
Spring 2006 [we didn't do a porch photo this time]
Summer 2005 [not on the porch.  too many people to fit]
Fall 2004
Summer 2004
Fall 2003

Due to our lost-photos-fiasco, there is a lapse from 2008-2009.  Dang. 


Gina said...

Holy cow Sarah...you have 6 kids! It just hit me when I saw them all with you. :o) So neat to see the photos through the years on the porch.

Emily said...

Ooh, can we invite ourselves to take another porch photo at the cabin one of these years?

Sarah said...

yes indeed emily. let's make it happen.

Neil and Diana said...

OMG, Sarah, they are all so small!!!! Those pictures from a few years ago are a riot.

amyegodfrey said...

It is fun to see your family through the years! Great shots! I think Grace has changed the most.

Gray Family said...

Your family just keeps getting cuter and cuter looking every year - not to mention bigger (in size I mean)! I loved seeing the growing pictures.

abby said...

i love this! so fun to see the progression from dating to 6 kids. :)

Church Fam said...

What cute pictures! It's fun to see the kids so small. Also we were just in pinetop last week. It was a nice break!

Muche said...

Nice "little" family ;))) Very cute...I'm so jealous, I miss Pinetop!