Wednesday, October 13, 2010

it's not about cats

When I was in first grade, I won a Young Authors contest for a book I wrote called, A Cat Can Do Things.  It was simple and profound.  Each page stated one cat skill: "A cat can eat." and "A cat can jump," with a colorful illustration above it.  I was enamored with cats at the time.  What ever happened to that masterpiece?
I am now enamored with 2 babies.  And so I give you: 
Two Babies Can Do Things.
 Two babies can play the piano.
Two babies can finally wear long sleeves.
[Only in the morning though.  Too hot in the afternoon.]
Two babies can adore their daddy.
 Two babies can laugh hysterically at their sister.
 Two babies can read books, chewed-up by baby Hank.
Two babies can turn 11 months old in the blink of an eye.


Gray Family said...

I think this book should win an award as well. The subjects are just precious!

abby said...

i didn't even know about your cat book. is it sitting in a box in the garage? i want to read it.

about all the babies in our family...wah. i hate that they are growing up. they get cuter and cuter by the day but before you know it they will be picking their noses and sassing. (or is that just my kids?) hank and george (and all busters and angels) i can't wait to see you!!

Sarah said...

I really wish I knew what happened to that book. Mom's been cleaning out the garage, so if she hasn't found it by now, it's probably gone. Makes me sad.

amyegodfrey said...

I'll look for the book. Those little guys sure are cute. I miss them. I'm loving every minute of being with Alice. She is quite the smart and cute little girl. Jessica says Alice is already in Abby's kids' league. Alice picks her nose and Jessica's nose, and Jessica predicts she'll be a sasser.

erin said...

So cute. I just want to run over and squeeze them up, but then you would have to write: two babies can be terrified by the scary neighbor! :)

Jennifer said...

Sarah, I never knew you were a Young Author Award recipient! That is huge--why have we never talked about this?? I hope it at least graced some of your college applications. I won Young Authors in 5th grade with a story called "Fred." Guess what Fred was? A cat. Gee, what are the odds of us both winning with a story about cats, such a unique theme for a children's book? Weird. :) I wonder if now babies are the new "cats" for young authors. They should be, b/c they are much, much cuter--esp. yours. Darling!