Saturday, October 2, 2010

pull my flag

According to Jonah, Saturday is for football. Specifically, Colts flag football. Everything else is secondary. He loves it.    
These boys really get into this.  And they are all going pro.  Jonah's worried about someday having to play against his friends in the NFL because what are the chances they will ALL end up on the same team?  I mean, that would be awesome, but probably some will be on the Cardinals, some will be on the Colts, and some will be on the Steelers, right mom?
 The other team looks pretty intimidating, no?
 Actually, the other team did win this game, but Jonah's team played really well.
In this picture, the quarterback threw the ball to Jonah and he ran it in for a touchdown.  I was too busy cheering to get that shot. 
Now if the weather would just cool down a bit.  
I think Arizona's football season should be in the winter.


abby said...

he looks so hard-core! i'm impressed, jonah.

amyegodfrey said...

I can tell Jonah is a leader on the field. GO, Jonah!

Church Fam said...

I'm with ya on changing football to a winter sport here. Also Love the highchairs!

erin said...

We love getting the Monday morning review!