Wednesday, September 29, 2010

decision made

Shortly after my post about which highchair to buy, we decided to go for novelty + style + uniqueness + mobility:  We bought the boon. 
Times 2.
I love that they can roll easily anywhere I want in the house.  I love that they look pretty modern and cool.  I love that the boys like to sit in them.
Well-fed George.
Teeth-are-for-biting Hank.
I think it was a good decision.  Thanks to all who voted boon.
And by the way, we've had 2 of boon's grass bottle dryers for about 8 months, and I didn't even realize boon was the maker.  Just liked the design.  But I bought their sippy cups recently, and wasn't impressed with the functionality.  
2 out of 3 = not bad.


amyraye said...

love them.
and the high chairs, too.
can't tell what color you ended up with?

i'll bet it simplifies things tremendously to be able to buckle those 2 roamers into a high chair. :)

Sarah said...

I'm glad you told me your friend loves hers. Recommendations are everything. Thanks.
I think the chair only comes in 2 colors, white and light blue-ish. We did the light blue-ish and I like the color a lot.
You'll have to get one!

Gina said...

Glad you like them. Sippy cups are a nightmare. We go through about 20 ($100 worth) before we find one that he likes. Ugh! Boys are cute as always. :o)

Emily said...

They're darling, those nephews of mine.

amyegodfrey said...

Could the boys be any cuter?! Their chairs are very cool. I love how their personalities are developing, and they're so different.

Anna said...

Hi, Sarah. Your boys are so adorable. They are growing so fast. I swear they look older than Liabelle, and they are certainly developing faster. She didn't start crawling on her knees till 2 days after her 1st birthday and now we are still waiting for her to take her first steps (without help). She's lazy like her Mama. lol.
Great highchairs. I didn't even know they exsisted. We have a boring booster and tray that fits on our regular chair. I think I might have to have another just so I can buy some cool hip baby products. :-)
I was wondering if you remember where you got the fabrics for that awesome quilt Lia has? I am re-doing all of the kids's rooms and am looking for some fun, young, colorful fabrics to use in their rooms. I've been searching online for options but keep coming up short. Any suggestions on where to look?

Sarah said...

You're talking about the orange and pink and turqoise fabrics right? It is a Moda line by Urban Chiks, called Summer in the City. I don't think it's being made anymore, but a few stores may still carry it, although probably not the complete line. I would do a search for "Summer in the City" on
Good to hear from you!