Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clara's Quilt

This quilt is for our new niece, Clara.
She was blessed on Sunday, so we got to meet her and give her mommy the quilt.  [Baby quilts are really for the moms, anyway, right?]
I think Helena really liked it.
I hope Clara will someday love it too.
Tiny Clara makes Hank and George look like big boys.  It's so sad that babies have to grow up.
Sometimes I wonder why I say things like that, because months 0 - 3 with twins were pretty much horrible.  Maybe if they could just stay 4 months forever.
top: George with Aunt Debbie.
bottomHank with Aunt Diane.

Pattern is Abundance by Camille.
Fabric is Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey. 


abby said...

it's beautiful! i've never seen that pattern before but i love it and i think it has that classic feel you were going for.

love the name clara too!

Christie K said...

so are VERY talented!!

Emily said...

It's gorgeous, Sarah. Congratulations to Helena!

Becky said...

Simply Beautiful, Sarah!! Just right for Helena and baby Clara :) So happy to hear she had that baby girl!

Audra said...

Just wait until those little ones are mobile! Not crawling-mobile but the walking/running/climbing on things kind of mobile. You will yearn for the infancy stage again! :)

I was 18 and in highschool when I had my twins. Try thinking of twins as being twice the work for twice the rewards! Nothing better than getting two overwhelming toddler hugs at once...the kind you bend down for and they darn near knock you over! And the twin bond that your able to watch grow and develop is simply amazing!

We're trying again for babies and I hope and pray we are blessed with twins again! Truly is a wonderful experience!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful quilt, beautiful baby, beautiful mama. Explain the pedigree to me--is this Mark's sister(s)? You seem to have so many nice relatives!

Sarah said...

Helena is Mark's sister in law.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

Totally for moms. I love mine/Heaths!! And I love your post about braces. That is so cute. Jonah looks reeeally good with them. How did he grow up over night? Where have I been?!