Tuesday, September 21, 2010

braces envy

Look who got braces.
I think he looks so handsome.  He does not care much about that.  What he does care about is that they hurt and trap food and require that he brush his teeth at least 3 times a day.
But I still think it's cool to have braces.  Probably because I've never had them.  When I was younger, I very much wanted them.  I loved how the kids with braces moved their mouths.  I would practice moving my mouth the same way, but when you have nothing on your teeth, it just looks silly.  And who hasn't put silver gum wrappers on their teeth?  Looks cool, but oh wow, that zinged if you had metal fillings as a child.
Jonah left school one morning and returned after lunch with his new metal.  He was worried what his friends might say.  Would they make fun of him?  Would he have to keep his mouth closed all day to avoid the teasing?  
To his delight, his friends all surrounded him, giving high fives and asking him all the details.  One friend even offered to be his body guard because too many girls were crowding around.  
Yes, braces are cool, for sure.  Endure the pain, and enjoy being the 3rd grade rockstar for awhile.


abby said...

he's so grown up! wah wah. i hate that they're all growing up. but he does look so handsome!

amyegodfrey said...

Have you ever seen two more handsome young men? Jonah, I love your new look!

erin said...

He looks awesome, but oh-so-grown-up! I couldn't believe it when he got in the van and he looked like a such a "big kid". Where is the time going?! Funny, my word verification is "undoest", which is what I sometimes want to do: "undoest" the time flying by and kids growing up way too quickly!