Monday, January 17, 2011

12-month photos for a 14-month post


14 month tricks
  • "how old are you?" {george holds up one finger}
  • "how big is hankie/georgie? {used to be both hands would instantly swing up.  now, hank lets just one fly up - it's second nature.}
  • goerge likes to inch hank out of the way when dad's on the floor playing with kids. hank does not like that.
  • hank is a little shy with strangers.
  • both boys clap when anyone says, "good job!"
  • favorite songs: "go go go hankie, you know what they say...," and "there was a boy with a great big smile and georgie was his name-o..." anything with their names inserted, really.
  • yesterday, while we were repeatedly trying to get the boys to perform their talents for nana and papa, george was on to us. he quickly ran through his tricks: "mama, dada," clapped his hands twice, and held up one finger. done.  
  • 2 cribs + new room = uninterrupted sleep for babies and parents. halelujah! 


amyegodfrey said...

These guys are so adorable! And so different in their personalities. It was wonderful to see them and you all yesterday.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

Yeah! I love the run down for the grandparents. That is so funny that he just zipped through all his tricks. SO FUNNY! I can't wait to see what you have been up to in their room!

Sarah said...

pretty much nothing. 2 cribs. toys all over the floor. a 45 year old junky white dresser. i was feeling pretty good about just getting the cribs in there.

Gray Family said...

Yeah for their own room! Major milestone complete - I think that's a pretty great trick for the mommy that needs to be mentioned! Love the "yeah, yeah" attitude of the monkey tricks! Too funny!

Jennifer said...

Sarah, they are just too adorable! What cute, cute little guys. You can tell by their smiles how fun their personalities are. Cribs at last--I'm happy for you. How are you functioning/feeling now that they're one?

Bree said...

You have the absolute cutest family in the world! I love seeing all of your creativity and gorgeous quilts.

erin said...

Love that these pics capture so much of their personalities. Congrats on the move to their own room.

Shannon said...

Joel and I just love these two little rascals! We are going to go through withdrawals this weekend. Maybe we can borrow them and Joel can chase them up and down our stairs. I'll just watch him:)