Thursday, January 13, 2011

quilt for baby z

baby z's birth day is not until next month.  but with a deadline in mind (aka a baby shower), i was able to get this quilt done pretty quickly.  expectant momma is one of molly's leaders at church. 
the fabric is more nicey jane.  the quilt pattern is yellow brick road.
 and look at that cute bow my sister made.
the lighting for these photos was not good. curse my skills.  
p.s. check us out here from someone with fabulous skills.


Jennifer said...

Every time I see one of your quilts, I think, "okay, now this one's my favorite, they couldn't get any better," and then you surprise me with another one. But seriously, I ADORE everything about this one--colors, pattern, fabric. It just screams "spring"--love it! I still don't know how you do this w/all the kids--you are a master of time managment!

And could Molly look any more like Emily behind that quilt? So fun when family resemblances sneak up in unexpected ways like that.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

That is just such a precious gift to give to that little baby Z. Her momma will feel so special, and so loved, which is the point of that special baby shower. Sarah you know how to make everyone feel to wonderful.

abby said...

jen stole my comment! this one is my favorite. i say that every time. but i really think this one might be. and i'm laughing because molly really does look like emily here. i'm glad she likes the bows! she's a babe.

Gray Family said...

Baby Z and his mom are the luckiest two around. Beautiful, just beautiful.