Monday, March 21, 2011

the color purple

I have never made a purple quilt. Until now. This one is for baby Millie. Her mom and I agree, she looks good in purple. It was only fitting that her baby quilt be purple too.
 I can't believe how much I am suddenly loving purple now.
 Are you a purple fan?

fabric: mixed Kona Cotton purples
quilt pattern: "Plain Spoken" from this book. I'll definitely be using this pattern again. I like it. A lot.


Jennifer said...

I am not especially a huge purple fan, but I am a Sarah's Quilts fan, and this quilt is beautiful, as always. Still don't know when the heck you're getting all these quilts done! Amazing!

Gray Family said...

Purple = No
That purple quilt = very much yes

but then I do love all your quilts.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

That is just so pretty. soooo pretty. She is going to be really happy with it.

amyegodfrey said...

I love this quilt! The colors are wonderful. I think I'll be asking for the pattern.

Julianna said...

Would you happen to have a list of purples and cream fabric you used? It is divine.

Sarah said...

You're a true purple fan. Glad you like it!
All the fabrics are Kona Cotton.
The cream is Snow. (I use it for everything).
The purples are: Lavender, Amethyst, Lilac and Orchid.