Monday, March 21, 2011

do you pin?

Remember when I told you about my tumblr account?  Well, I have moved on to Pinterest. I love how easy it is to "pin" something to my digital "pinboard." I used to print things out or tear pages from magazines, so I would not forget a great idea: Usually a beautiful quilt or outfit or white kitchen.  Now I do it all through Pinterest.

My link is on my sidebar - just click on the girl with the darling gray blouse and the link will take you to lots of beautiful things I love.


teamBoo said...

I agree with you on Abby. She is a gem :) So when she dressed up like "Bella swan" she was really just being YOU! I'm sure u guys get that a lot.

Sarah said...

That's funny! I haven't heard that in awhile. Probably because we don't live close to each other for people to see us together.