Tuesday, March 22, 2011

my youngest sibling

My sister, Abby, is celebrating a birthday today. She is eleven years my junior, but what I would have given to have her unassuming poise and maturity eleven years ago! Shoot, I still don't have them. 
Last weekend, since Abby and family were in town, my mom and brother-in-law hosted a "surprise" party for her {um, she knew}. 

LOVE these boots Jamie got for her.
Pearl enjoyed the cake.
George did not like when I took a green marker out of his mouth.
Owen and Milo actually played together like old pals. It's about time! 
Pearl honked and honked Mark's nose.

Abby is guest blogging today at a very cool blog.  Go take a look.


abby said...

so kind. thank you sar! that was a fun night. and um, if only you knew any poise or maturity i'm feigning is by imitating your example.

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Abby! Love that pic of you two, so pretty :)

Aimee's Family Journal said...

Well I am sure that Mark must be good at honking when she gets his nose. If he wasn't soooo great at it, she would have given up!

bekki said...

Owen looks so grown up in the pictures. And what a great sport Mark is

amyegodfrey said...

Great post, Sarah! My goodness, the beauty of the two of you is blinding!

Jennifer said...

What a fun post. You both are so lovely, and are looking so much alike! Abby, you will always hold a special place in my heart as the first baby I ever hogged and hovered over. Creepy, I know, but I hope you don't mind. :) Happy Birthday!