Friday, March 4, 2011

cross it off the list

Last night I did not sleep soundly. I kept waking up because of the undone things on my to-do list. #47 was "Buy gift for birthday party (Grace's friend)."

The party was today, immediately after school. I needed to have the gift ready this morning so she could take it to school with her.  Didn't happen.  So this morning, we searched through my emergency gift trove, but found nothing suitable in Grace's eyes. I assured Grace I would run to the store and pick out something cute/fun, then bring it to school since I would be there anyway teaching Art Masterpiece in Jonah's class (#23 on the list - that's a whole nother story).

The reality of it all is that I have twin toddlers.  I don't ever take them to the store.  I could, I suppose.  But I don't.

Nonetheless, I was ready to make an exception in the name of a birthday party. I would just load H and G in the stroller, make an unwavering path through a cute boutique Target, and it would be easy.

My brave plan was thwarted when both boys demanded a nap.  So I spent my whole morning making a gift instead (it took longer than you'd think).  I found a headband Molly bought last summer at BYU's Campus Craft and started copying it. I made 2. They turned out better than I hoped, for my first try.
[The raw edges are deliberate. They already started fraying a little, but Molly's has frayed too and it still looks cute.] 
Molly just came home and saw these images and is begging me to make her some.  That's the true sign of success.


Aimee's Family Journal said...

See, I saw Molly with one in her hair like 8 months ago, and you were saying that you bought it somewhere. And I said, YOU CAN TOTALLY make one of those in a few minutes, and it would be much cuter! Everything you do is like a fancy piece of art that no one else could make as well.

Heather Miles Portney said...

Those are so cute! What fabrics did you use? Love!

amyraye said...

totally love them. did you just use a piece of elastic to attach the ends together? i hope grace loved them as much as molly. :)

Gray Family said...

Um... can I be #48 on that list and get a couple of those? Amazing, simply amazing and way better than some store bought gift for sure. And next time, call me, I will take those twin toddlers - I'm needing some fun baby time.

Sarah said...

you were right. and molly bought hers for $10 or $12!!
the gray dot is called quarter dot from michael miller.
the pink and yellow fabrics are nicey jane from heather bailey.
the others are just scraps i had - pretty sure moda makes them.

there is no elastic. it's just a tapered strip of fabric that ties around the head, so the flower ends up on the side, or off-center.

Neil and Diana said...

Sarah, your creativity+style+focus on family is truly inspiring. I love the headbands!

Becky said...

First thought: What in the world are you doing as the art masterpiece teacher! Seriously, you're super girl!

But much more important thought is, the head bands are awesome and you are one great mama for making them :) So cute; I know Grace and her friend must be most pleased.

Sarah said...

I only teach art masterpiece once a year for each child. There are enough other parents who want to do it, so we all just take a turn. I taught Grace's class last week, so I'm good for the year.

Naylor Family said...

Only you could just "whip something up" and have it be perfect! Someday I hope to learn some of your talents! I'm so glad you shared! Also, I love Tessa's quilt-of course! Hank and George must be getting on a good schedule, or you just don't sleep at night!

Michelle said...

I'm going to start inviting you to my birthdays. Those are ADORABLE.

Jennifer said...

"the reality of it is that I have twin toddlers." Exactly--how in the world are you making all these masterpieces?? You amaze me, Sarah, you really do. I'm sure you tire of hearing that. I'd be much prouder of making these than making a run to the store. Darling.