Thursday, March 3, 2011

tessa girl

There's something special about the following:
cute fabrics
growing babies
time in my day to quilt
All of these are factors in this quilt I made for a friend's baby.
A long overdue quilt delivery. That's pretty much my style - very delayed gratification.
fabric: amy butler's midwest modern
pattern:  yellow brick road


Lindsay Kay said...

Beautiful babe!!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

Amazing! The colors are so beautiful.

abby said...

ugh, i don't know how you give your quilts away. i would hoard. so beautiful!

Jenni said...

My favorite girl one yet...sooo beautiful. I love those colors. You are amazing. And those headbands. Adorable. You do need to each lots of "ArtMasterpiece" classes.

Jenni said...

Teach, not each. oops.

Jennifer said...

Okay, this time I really mean it: THIS one is my favorite! Until I see the next one, that is. :) Gorgeous.