Monday, April 4, 2011

Laguna Beach: spring break lessons learned

1.  Don't worry about not bringing a camera to your one day at Disneyland. Your phone will suffice.  Plus, you don't need another heavy bag to lug around.  Nothing unique about D-land photos anyway.
2.  Never return to Disneyland for spring break.  Never. Ever. (Why didn't we learn that lesson 3 spring breaks ago?)
3.  Cousin Perry is oh soo good with babies.  That's actually nothing we didn't already know. 
4.  Don't believe Darin when she says her lovely home is "nothing special."
 5.  Watch those babies around stairs.
 6.  Don't forget your camera on the day you spend at Laguna's Main Beach.  You will miss photo ops of your kids on boogie boards, loving the cold water and babies playing happily in the sand.
 7.  Always make time for the amazingly secluded beach just across the street from your hosts.  It is stunning.
 8. Let Mark take the camera, even if he resists a little.
9.  Let Molly take the camera every now and again too.  She's got a good eye and enjoys taking pictures.
 10.  Your dream beach house looks good from the back too.
11.  Don't believe the kids when they whine about not wanting to go explore the secluded beach.  They will thank you later.
 12.  Everything in CA grows!  Obviously.
 13.  Your hostess is fabulous.


Becky said...

love the vacation pictures! And no more D-land spring breaks, no; always worth it to pull the kids outta school and go when less people are there! And I thought that was a picture of my dream beach house, no??
Glad you had a great time!

lauren said...

This looks so relaxing! I am eyeing your sandals - I love the red. May I ask what brand/style they are?

Gina said...

wow! Looks like a wonderful vacation. So much fun. You look stunning as always Sarah. :o)

Sarah said...

the sandals are Saltwater sandals made by the Hoy shoe company. If you google it, you'll find lots of retailers.

amyegodfrey said...

Great photos! P and D's house looks fabulous, and so does that beach! Love the photos of the kids.

Gray Family said...

I agree with everything except the pictures at D-land. Our whole portfolio is filled with pictures. Just can't get enough. So glad you had fun even if it was crowded. Looks like a secluded beach made up for the crowds at the park.

abby said...

it looks wonderful! their house is awesome, as is the dream house. why don't we all live in california?

abby said...

p.s. trying to justify buying some tan saltwaters this summer.

Sarah said...

abby, do it.