Friday, April 29, 2011

who needs 2000 wedding guests and millions of adoring fans?

There's a lot of royal wedding talk lately.  I'll admit, I've been sucked in. Mark is less than interested.
But another wedding took place this week, 7 years ago. A much more important one, and one that Mark IS interested in.  Yep, we celebrated {I use that term loosely} our anniversary this week. Sick kids and all, with our own stomachs teetering on the queasy side, due to odiferous offenses o' plenty.
But enough about our children's vomit...

A few tidbits about the top photo:
- Our wedding photos were taken on Monday and we got married the next Saturday, So I got my hair and makeup done twice.  And Mark saw the dress before we actually got married. I'm not big on that tradition.
- My friend, Nancy (who is also my sister's sister-in-law) made my jewelry. We traded for some quilting and I'm afraid I got the better deal. I owe you Nancy.
- I did not wear earrings and I don't remember why.  
- I had never worn acrylic nails until that week.  And never since.
- Mark's tuxedo vest was a size XXL.  It was way too big, but actually looks pretty good in this photo.

About the bottom photo:
- This was the first full day of our honeymoon in Paris.
- We stayed at the only hotel (at least at the time) on the Champs-Elysees.  It was perfectly located and really beautiful, especially the view at night.
- My [junior high / high school / college] French was helpful, especially when ordering food and when we needed to translate a sign.  But it was almost no use in a conversation.  
- We ate crepes everyday for breakfast and lunch and I could've eaten more, but I did not want to out-eat Mark. Looking back though, he ordered his with ham and cheese.  I ordered sugar everytime. No wonder I was still hungry.


amyegodfrey said...

Lovely, lovely post! I knew it was your anniversary on Sunday, but forgot to actually say "Happy Anniversary" to you! You'll surely never forget this 7th ann. week! I love that top photo. Talk about a prince and princess!

Becky said...

Loved this post :) You look every bit as princess-ly as Miss Middleton & love the honeymoon in Paris!

Gray Family said...

Well I don't know, but I think you two are just as cute as Kate and Will. And I'll bet you have just as many adoring fans.

abby said...

april is a great time to get married. not sure what i was thinking with august? your wedding was lovely! happy anniversary you two!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

I love that he is holding your dress. That is such a sweet picture! Happy anniversaries to come!

erin said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, what changes have come to you both in 7 years with the addition of 3 more beautiful children! You look gorgeous (and I'm slightly jealous of your honeymoon- not that my two days in Sedona was bad)! ;)

Sarah said...


Jennifer said...

I could look at these photos all day! I agree w/the Gray Family--you look just as beautiful as the royals, and I, for one, am a huge Mark-and-Sarah fan. I can't believe it's been seven years already, and I've only met Mark twice. That means I've only seen you twice. Shameful. Happy Anniversary! You guys just seem perfect together.

Muche said...

J'adore ces deux photos, vous etes superbes tous les deux. Tu as l'air si heureuse Sarah, je suis heureuse de faire partie de ta vie ;)

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary! A little late, sorry, I've been MIA on blogs lately. You are so beautiful Sarah! Love the pics from the wedding, and in the post above on your birthday - gorgeous :) Thanks for the link and nod.