Thursday, May 5, 2011

2010 baby name rankings


 1   Jacob    Isabella

 2   Ethan  Sophia

 3   Michael    Emma

 4   Jayden  Olivia

 5   William  Ava

 6   Alexander  Emily

 7   Noah  Abigail

 8   Daniel   Madison

 9   Aiden  Chloe

 10 Anthony  Mia

The Social Security Administration has just released 2010's top baby names.  I am fascinated with names and their staying power, or lack-thereof. The surprise on the 2010 list, for me, is Anthony. I don't know a single Anthony under the age of 18.  And now that I think about it, I don't know any babies named Michael. Do you? Those names must be hot in other parts of the country. {Demographics are fascinating too.} Are there any surprises for you?

FYI: "Sarah" was in the top 10 for at least a decade, much of that time as #1 or #2. {My parents were ahead of their time, as most Sarah's I know are younger than me.} But it has since fallen to #30.

Go here for a list of the top 1000 names.
And here for the fastest rising names.


russandkatie said...

I have a 3 yr old Michael in one of my classes but no Anthonys

Courtney said...

Seth had an Anthony and a Tony on his baseball team last year but otherwise i haven't heard it much. The one that surprised me was Jayden. It seems like the top boys names are usually pretty classic names - the girls are the more trendy ones.

abby said...

i love that you love names as much as i do. jamie gets nervous because i say i want 10 kids because i have 10 solid baby names. i'll be really upset if i can't use them!

my friend who cuts my hair told me yesterday (i got THE cut, btw) that she knows new twin babies named...hank and george! isn't that funny?!

Sarah said...

please post hair photos soon!
I wonder if it's the same hank and george twins born to darin nielson's cousin.

wendy said...

Glad to see our soon-to-be (hopefully) baby's name is not on that list. Not that I have a problem with popular names, I just don't want my kids to have to be Jayden B., etc in school. (Not that the name we have chosen is terribly unique, just not very common these days.)

wendy said...

OK, so it IS on the list. Just not the Top 10.

AliceK[i]ND said...

I'm so glad my kids' names and mine and not in the top 10.

There is an Antonio in Jack's class at school, but I imagine it's much more popular on the east coast.

Linda said...

Yes, I have a Sarah (with an "H" please on the end) and she is 15 with several friends who are named "Anthony".

Here, Sarah isn't even popular - she has only known a couple of girls throughout her school years with that name, other than her, and one of them spelled it "Sara".


Jennifer said...

Ethan Smith. Ethan Smith. WHAT were we thinking??

Amy said...

Wow, Amanda was in the top 20 when she was born, now 188. Amy a solid 138! Although, I've never met another Amy who's younger than me.