Wednesday, July 6, 2011

double digits and a teenager

birthday wrap-up:
Grace got a new bike for her birthday.  She's had a cute beach cruiser since she was 4 1/2. We kept raising the seat and handlebars hoping it would last a little longer, but she'd had enough.  She's been begging for a bike with gears and shocks and pegs.  OK, not really the shocks and pegs part, but definitely a more "sophisticated" bike. To her that meant a mountain bike.    
 [The boys wanted a ride.]
The bike does have gears and shocks [no pegs] and will last her a long while.  She was in heaven!  Too bad it's so darn hot to ride it much.
Molly woke up to this on her birthday.  The girls from church heart attacked our house and she was thrilled!
She got all the clothes and bags and gift cards a 13 year old could hope for. [I exaggerate, of course.  Could a teenage girl ever have enough?]
 Hank got on the table so he could help unwrap gifts.  How thoughtful.


Hilary said...

Very fun! I can't believe Molly is a teen!!!!

Gray Family said...

We always seem to be gone for their birthdays, "sigh". They always look like they have so much fun, and I love the new ride! Happy Birthday girls!

abby said...

love the fancy pants bike! weird how old they're getting. it seems like only yesterday we were watching donny and his coat of many colors 4 times a day. and now i actually miss it!

wendy said...

What!? No pegs? ;-)

What a beautiful young lady. We will have a 13 year old this month too. On the 27th. Our son, Ry. Maybe we should hook our kids up someday and become even more related? ;-)