Monday, July 4, 2011


The flags are out. The kids are at a movie with Mark, the babies are napping, and I am feeling patriotic. I downloaded this Pledge of Allegiance print for free right here. I also can't stop listening to The Washington Post.
I planted my mini flag in one of my jade plants.
[I replaced the original wispy grass after it's short life.  Too much water?  Not enough natural sun?  I don't know.  But I did notice the same wispy grass at Anthropologie, that I was originally copying, was also dead the last time I was in the store.  They still had it on a display table and somehow it works at Anthropologie.  Doesn't work in my house.  I love my new jade plants.]
The little breeze we have today is just perfect for flying a flag. Thanks cubscouts!
And though my sweet potato vines are not particularly patriotic, they are growing like crazy, which makes me happy.  Everyday the vines are exploding with growth.
God Bless America!

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karen said...


thanks for the hot tip on the pledge freebie. i do believe i will print many out and give them to my sisters for their birthdays.