Thursday, July 14, 2011

we went on an overnight stay-cation, but it's not really about that

My mom and sister are gems. They came over, with Abby's 2 cute kids, to spend the night with Hank and George. The rest of us spent 24 hours at a local resort - swimming and lazy-rivering the day away. {I have no pictures.} 
We all played a little Just Dance 2 when we returned. It was a first for me and I am in love with that game, even though I hurt my back on Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. I just don't have my 7th grade body/skills anymore. {What, no pictures again?}
Hank and George were sad to see Nana and Abby go. So sad that George threw a major fit for the cousins photo.
 Pearl was a little pouty too. I don't think she was a Just Dance fan.
Or maybe she just wanted to go home.  I don't blame her: two toddlers are a lot of work, and almost-4-year old girls have a sort of obligation to mother all children shorter than they are.
Thanks Pearl, for taking care of the babies.  And thanks Nana and Abby, for your pure awesomeness.  Milo too.


russandkatie said...

I got to have Milo in my primary class on Sunday, so fun!

Hilary said...

Are you the blondie or is that your sister?

Sarah said...

no, that is my sister. but thanks for the compliment.

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Wowsers! You sisters sure do look alike!
Also, we just tried Just Dance 2 out for the first time a couple weeks ago...I was sore for two days. :)

abby said...

it was so fun to be with the boys and force them to tolerate me! i think hank and i might even be bffs. and i'm still smiling about dancing with grace.

katie, you were an angel on sunday. thank you!

and it must be said: i need a haircut.

abby said...

It must be said: I need a neck reduction.
We loved being with the boys. Thanks for the opportunity.
Milo says: Jonah, stay at your house when I come! I think you're a cool kid. Owen, you're a cool kid, too.
Pearl says: I miss you, Molly and Gracie.
this is AG

Jennifer said...

It must be said: I totally deserved to be a part of the Just Dance 2 party. Why was I not invited? Sarah, you primed your very first Wham! skillz in my basement. Where is the love??

Abby: You're gorgeous.
Amy: Abby gets it from you.

amyegodfrey said...

It must be said: Jenny, I miss you.