Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Last Best Place

This is Blaine Lake. Kalispell, MT. We all decided we want to move here, at least for the summer. The kids could not get enough of the lake.
Jonah and Grace struggled the first day on the wakeboard.  The 2nd day, Grace got up and stayed up without any problem.  Jonah decided it wasn't for him and didn't want to try any more. I think he'll give it a try next time.
 Molly was like an old pro.  She was in HEAVEN wakeboarding...
...and surfing.  This was something new to us.  She is standing (no boot) on a surf board right behind the boat.  The rope is just for balance and the idea is that you eventually let go of the rope and just surf the wake, following the boat.  It was fun to watch. I was too chicken to try.
 But Mark did it and was pretty good!
And my nephew is a master.  Notice, he doesn't hold the rope.  He can go forever like this and even does tricks (kneeling, sitting, backwards, all while balancing and staying right behind the boat). I'm sure boat surfing (is that what you call it?) is old news for some, but it was a first for us!
Grace is just chillin' in the boat, not pouting.
 The kids loved tubing too!
Hang on!
Uncle Dave is trying to keep the girls from flailing off the tube.
Owen stayed in the boat with me and we left the babies home with one of the adults (me or Aunt Erin).  Except one day we took them out on the boat and they didn't really care for their life jackets, so pretty much their boating experience was a bust.


amyegodfrey said...

What a fabulous time for the kids! The photos are great. I'd like a cabin in Montana, too, please.

Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

What a trip! Looks like so much fun! My step-dad served his mission there and always had great stories to tell...and he always mentioned how beautiful it was...I can believe him now. :)

Amy said...

Great pictures Sarah! My parents have a place on Little Bitterroot Lake, just west of Kalispell. Such a beautiful area!