Wednesday, August 24, 2011

these boys these days

george is OBSESSED with the vacuum. he gets it out of the closet first thing in the morning and begs me to turn it on.  after he gets his "mom's vacuuming" fix, he dismantles all the parts, which hank then uses as guns and swords.
hank is a shoe fanatic. he panics when i take them off for his nap and worries when george is not wearing shoes too. oh, and the older kids showed these two how to take the cushions off all the furniture and jump on them. nice.


Courtney said...

After beach camping last week, I spent most of Monday folding laundry and watching strange daytime tv.

One of the shows was about crazy collectors. The first was a woman with over 15,000 shoe related items. She has literally spent a half million dollars on the collection.

The second collector was a teenage boy who collects vacuum cleaners. He has over 200 and loves to vacuum as well as take apart, clean and repair his vacuums. The parents said the obsession started as a toddler so watch out or your living room may be overtaken by vacuums.

Sarah said...

That is so funny. I saw the commercial for that show, but didn't actually watch it. I didn't even make the connection to George, but he is headed that way.

AliceK[i]ND said...

I totally see you in that photo of George. He has gorgeous hair.

amyegodfrey said...

I agree with Alice. George does look like you there! I'm missing those little guys.

Steoffrey said...

Thanks Sarah! It's actually ikea from a couple years back!