Friday, October 21, 2011

to autumn

Fall break is the perfect time to get out of Dodge. (Why don't we do that more often?) We deiced to get out of the heat and enjoy some real Utah fall weather this year.
We arrived just in time to go to the BYU homecoming game. Thanks to nice sisters and their spouses who made that happen. Sorta like old times for me, except 20 years ago I didn't have the luxury of buying hot chocolate to keep warm. In fact, I don't even remember any food vendors at the games. Do they not even bother with the student section?
We got to spend time with cousins.
Calvin and Hank got reacquainted. George fell asleep on the 1.5 minute drive home from church. Vacation-toddler-sleep is treasured and not to be messed with.
We got to go on a picnic with all the cousins. The gardens at Thanksgiving Point are really pretty.

Hank and George cried and whined through most of the picnic. It was cold and they were tired, but let's be real: there's no denying they are almost 2. {Let it be known, that I am a believer in the "age 2 is typically better than age 3" rule. But with twins, we threw that rule out the window. Age 3 might just surprise us with less squealing and more brotherly love.}
Even though we forgot to bring our camera on this vacation, our phones proved to be sufficient, and even preferred, modes of photographing our trip. If you don't document things, will the kids ever remember? We don't agree on this at our house.


Camille said...

Wait, what??? I was at that game too. Literally 50 yards away from you. Darn it, would have loved to meet you. Next time lets coordinate better. :-)

Cute pics, by the way!

Sarah said...

Darn! That would have been fun to run into you there.

abby said...

it was so great to see you! start planning your next trip. love those pics with the craigs.

erin said...

So funny, Sarah, I was sitting probably one section over from you! It's also funny because I was thinking the exact same thing as I drank my hot cocoa! I was there with one of my favorite college roomies and we were both laughing that we didn't even know there was a concession stand at that stadium when we were students (I don't even remember getting a drink of water there)! It was sure nice to enjoy real football weather as a change of pace, wasn't it?

Sarah said...

Wait, Erin, you were there too?

Jennifer said...

I love this post! I love visiting BYU--such good memories. How fun to see your sisters, too. This looks like the perfect family trip. And Calvin, George and Hank are adorable. And Abby's daughter is a clone of her at that age (gorgeous.) And are Molly's glasses prescription or fashion? Either way, they look hip and darling. She has your sense of style. And I love your orange bag. And I wish I could visit you. And your family just seems wonderful. And that is all.

Sarah said...

Molly's glasses are just for fun. She bought them herself and wears them all the time.

amyegodfrey said...

It's fun to see "Jenny" posts. The kids all look so darn cute! I miss them all very, very much.