Wednesday, November 9, 2011

painful haircuts

Last week I decided George's hair needed some attention. It is no surprise that my dull hair clippers and lack of hair cutting skills are no match for George's resistant thrashing, as indicated by his uneven front bangs. (I've been letting them grow out for months now.) I usually buzz Hank myself, but since I was already committed to go elsewhere, he got to come too.

So off to Great Clips we went. Just me and the boys. Hank went first and he held his sucker tightly, for comfort, not taste. The quiet tears flowed and he let me know he was not happy, but he was mostly cooperative, by comparison.

Then it was George's turn. He flailed and he wailed . It took me and two stylists to hold him down. We were the center of all of Great Clips' attention for a good 8 minutes. A little 5 year old boy in the lobby walked over and insisted we "stop hurting that little boy!" I felt like mother of the year.
It is actually pretty impressive that his hair turned out respectably. Before we started, the stylist (is that what they're called?) wanted to use scissors because I didn't want his hair super short. What? Scissors on an apprehensive 2 year old! Are you kidding? Of course, I convinced her to use her longest guard and blending skills instead. I have to give her credit for working her magic and being so patient.

When it was all over, Hank and George happily ate their suckers and happily waved goodbye to the whole occupancy of Great Clips. And everyone (staff and customers) happily (thankfully) waved us on our way.


Jenni said...

Oh Sarah, they are so handsome either way! This is why Max always had/has long hair - he was the flailer and wailer! Too funny. Now it's funny, right?

Gina said...

They look cute! Noah just stuck gum in his hair, so that and his thrashing did not make for a good haircut on my part. But, it is what it is. Better than walking around with Hubba Bubba in his bangs.

amyegodfrey said...

Oh, those boys are charmers! I love their new haircuts.

abby said...

this made me laugh. love the 5-year-old's comment.