Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm glad it's over

I have mixed feelings about Halloween. I remember being excited about the prospect of filling my whole pillowcase with candy (never happened) and about dressing up in a borrowed poodle skirt. So as a mom, I can appreciate my children's excitement. But also as a mom, I do not get excited about stressing and searching for novel and acceptable-to-my-children costumes. Nor do I get excited about the candy my children* (and I) will be eating all day long for at least 2 weeks.

This year, my kids started talking about costumes around Easter. I told them not to worry about it.  We'd figure something out - much later. It was much too early to think about such things. But even a week before Halloween, I gave them the same, we'll figure something out.

Finally, on Saturday the 29th, the day of our church party, I consulted each child and made a list of must-haves. I headed off to about 8 stores to pick up some odds and ends: suspenders, axes, mustaches (that didn't stick, argh!) tights, IN N OUT hat, red napkins to make an apron, $2 Newsies cap, etc. I was not frantic, just on a mission.  And you know what? I even had time to come home and sew a quick cape for George out of fabric I already had. It was the least I have ever worried about Halloween and I'm pretty happy with the way I pulled it together.
Hank was a monkey, wearing Owen's old costume.
Halloween Hugs.
Super George would not wear a mask, but he had no problem with the tights. (This idea loosely borrowed from my sister.)
 Football player.
  IN N OUT waitress.
  You can bet this cape will make repeat appearances.
The whole gang.
Mark and I were lumberjacks. (Got that idea from my sister too.) Suspenders and axes are key. I was lucky to find axes at the dollar store. But do you know how much suspenders cost? And I bought three pairs this year! I am considering them a lifelong investment in our dress-up stash. At least one person will wear them every year from here on out. It's a new Halloween rule.
As mentioned previously, our mustaches were not cheap, but oh so cheap. They spent more time in our pockets, than on our faces.

*Not all of our children eat candy. Two of them are still going without candy for a year, with the exception of three "splurge" days. They have decided next Saturday will be their last candy day of the year, so they can eat all they can handle, and then some, uninterrupted by school.


Gray Family said...

Your whole gang looked great. My personal favorite was the Newsie, with the In-n-Out waitress as a close second. Great job, would never have guessed it was all last minute.

Jenni said...

You are so creative....I've never seen a prettier lumberjack, In-N-Out waitress, and newsie - all such gorgeous girls! And the twins' hug is so darling!
My mustache stayed in my pocket last night too.

amyegodfrey said...

I agree with Jenni-pretty girls! All the costumes are simple and super fun! Nice going. I was never good with costumes. I'm impressed with your creativity. All four boys are so cute, and you can tell the twins were having a blast!

Church Fam said...

Great costumes, might have to steal some of them for future use :)

LuLu said...

Finally! I love that you hate Halloween. I hate halloween! I hate all of the candy around the house and sugar high's and costumes that no will ever wear again. I'm so glad it's over too!

abby said...

so cute! i think you and mark pulled off lumberjacks better than we did. i LOVE that grace was a newsie! does she like that movie?

tell molly i'll take a #2, animal style.

russandkatie said...

save those suspenders for upcoming pioneer treks. I too couldn't believe how much I had to spend on them!

Sarah said...

good idea!

jamiebarazoto said...

your kids are the cutest.