Saturday, December 3, 2011

advent actuality

Advent calendars are the best, aren't they? A few years ago, I found little numbered bags on etsy, but they were a little pricey. I blogged about them here. So this year I was quite happy to discover Lindsay's free number download. (I bought the plain 4 x 6 bags on Amazon.) Yesterday (2 days late), I finished ironing the numbers onto the bags and filled them with goodies. No small task.
Today (3 days late), I showed the kids all of my hard work. Were they impressed? Yes! They were excited, because today, due to their mother's procrastination, they got to open 3 bags. Forget how cute the bags are. Forget how much time and love went into each iron-on number. 3 BAGS, for heaven's sake!
The only place the two year olds can't easily get the bags is on the chandelier, so that's where they hang. I am considering other options, because, who am I kidding? 2 year olds need only to climb on the table and the bags are goners. They haven't made this realization yet.
These mini ornament people were day 1. The kids love them. They're from Target, fyi.
Suckers for day 2 and mini donuts for day 3. Next year I may just forgo the treats and do all ornaments or nativity pieces.  Then, it's done for years to come.
p.s. we got our tree at Costco again.


amyegodfrey said...

Oh, these bags are so cute! I hope the boys don't get on the table.

abby said...

i love them! especially the colors. i'm going to have to do something like this next year.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

Sarah, you are killing me! That is a darling idea. And you made it look fantastic. Your kids have super mom!

Muche said...

Ahhh, to be like you!!! Well, not gonna happen so I got mine with mini chocolates from Fresh and Easy for 99cents!

Jenni said...

Brilliant idea, Sarah! I'm telling you, you have fantastic taste. I love the vintage/simplicity of your home - especially the open windows!!! And the new couch too!

LuLu said...

This is the cutest idea! I'm gonna have to do something like this next year. I have the big Pottery Barn advent tree but the pockets really don't hold enough surprises for 5 kids. So I didn't even bother putting it out this year :-(