Saturday, March 3, 2012

the lighthouse life

Scenes from our visit to the Old Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego, also called Cabrillo National Monument.

As a child, I thought living in a lighthouse was the stuff of dreams, but here's a reality check: cramped living quarters, isolation from the rest of humanity, staying up all night to make sure the light stays lit, I could go on.
Wasn't Nora's lighthouse roomy and comfortable on Pete's Dragon? And I don't remember her keeping watch all night either. No. Clearly, my version of lighthouse living has been tainted by Hollywood.
When I was 15 or so, our family got to stay overnight in a lighthouse near Los Angeles: a perk of my dad's service in the Coast Guard. At 15, I didn't appreciate the charm of it all. The lighthouse was not cute and homey. It was military-plain, and I have to admit, a little spooky. My shattered lighthouse dream began that day. 
In hindsight, I should have appreciated it as the once-in-a-lifetime adventure that it was. Who wouldn't love to stay in a lighthouse? Well, not my 15 year old stubborn self, that's for sure.
OK, no more lighthouse complaints.

Hank and Papa raced at the lighthouse. George made some prank calls at the visitor's center.


Gray Family said...

It's so funny that you mentioned Pete's Dragon...I've always thought the same thing, how fun it would be. Your picture does not crush my image of staying in one...yet. It looks like you made the most of a quick weekend.

Stephanie said...

I love lighthouses too...we live 5 minutes from one and I feel so lucky! Although, I'm not sure it's currently functioning per se :) It's still cool though!

Oh, and I loved Pete's Dragon as a young girl and it's been fun to show it to my kids too. Although, how did I miss all those drinking parts? I'm not sure it would be rated G these days :)

Aimee's Family Journal said...

There is a crazy bar scene in that movie where people are practically bathing in beer! Craziness. It was my favorite movie! ... I just loved the beginning of that movie, and the swamp! Awesome!