Tuesday, March 13, 2012

instagram living room

I am in limbo with our living room. (For reference, this is what the room used to look like.) We have recently made a lot of changes that I like, but I still have some ideas that haven't come to fruition.  Namely, new upholstered chairs, a rug for the entryway, and curtains. Maybe sheer roman shades too. Maybe a giant leaning mirror to the right of the piano (I found the perfect one at Ikea.)
I ordered the couch from Alice Lane and I am very happy with it.
We bought this glider when the twins were born. It was in the bedroom forever, and now it is sort of a place saver. There's just too much gray furniture in here now.
I found that brown and white basket at Target. The kids sometimes use it as a garbage can. It is not a garbage can.
This is the entry. I have purchased 3 rugs for this area, and returned 2. The 3rd is a gray and cream striped one from Crate and Barrel that has found a permanent home in the master bedroom. It just seemed like it would look too dirty, too quickly with dusty feet coming in and out the front door. You can click on my Pinterest link on my sidebar, and see all the other rugs I am considering, under home again. This side table is from overstock.
Here'e a rug I just discovered today and I really love it! I'm not convinced I would like it with my paint color. In fact, my rug judgment has failed me thus far, so I cannot be trusted. But it's just so pretty. And I wasn't even looking for a Native American-style rug. That's the beauty of pinterest. (thanks Abby and Brooke White).
 My sister gave me this temple artwork for Christmas. I love it.
And there you have it. More than you wanted to know about my living room.


abby said...

I think you should blog more about your house because it is darling and you are so good at decorating. So I love this post! Your living room is the bomb. I think that Native-american rug is the ticket. Don't think, just buy it. It'll add a new dimension of blue that will be nice. And doesn't Brooke White have great taste? She sometimes comments on my pins and I feel like I've hit the big time. I've been contemplating that big Ikea mirror since Christmas and I want to buy it if/when we get a house. Sorry I'm such a giant copycat. Anyway, this comment is a jumble but bottom line: I love your living room.

Sarah said...

I know what you mean about brooke white. you ARE big time!

merideth said...

i love your style!! i am obsessed with grey so i think it all looks lovely. but i know what you mean... sometimes a pop of other colors is fun too.
i have wanted those metal chairs forever. so awesome. and i an obsessed with your couch.

Julianna said...

What couch from Alice Lane is this one?

Sarah said...

It's called the Vivian.

b davis said...

I love your metal chairs around your kitchen table. I've got my eye on some I found online. I was wondering where you found yours (online or locally), and if you are happy with them. Do they hold up well, etc.? Any input would be so appreciated!


Sarah said...

They are Tolix chairs, which are available at many online stores. We ordered ours from the Sundance catalog. They had a sale for ordering 6+. (we ordered 8). I love them! They are super sturdy and I am so glad I decided to get them. I was worried they would be too casual for a dining room, but we are not formal people, so it really works for us.

jamiebarazoto said...

i am obsessed with this room! come over and help us with our apartment?

and where can a girl get that navajo rug? its perfect!