Tuesday, March 20, 2012

wild thing you make my heart sing

I gave this quilt to a friend back in January, at her baby shower. Well, actually, not the whole quilt, just the quilt top. She kindly gave it back to me and I promised to have it finished very soon, before her baby would be born, hopefully.
But baby Henry was born in February. And his quilt remained neatly folded and neglected at my sewing machine. My finicky machine was in desperate need of repair (tension! tension!) and I did not dare test it on this quilt, because I hate to unpick things.
But this week, I got the itch to finish it and decided to test the machine once again. She has been sitting and resting for weeks now, though still unserviced. I oiled her up and adjusted some tension, and what do you know? The stars aligned and there was no unpicking necessary.
The pattern is Camille Roskelley's Wild Thing.
Fabric is Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey + some moda bella solids mixed in.


bekki said...

Sarah this is probably my favorite quilt you have made. I love it

Sarah said...

thanks bekki!

Cynthia said...

That is such a beautiful quilt!!!

abby said...