Thursday, November 29, 2012

ain't nothin' but a houndstooth

Another quilt in the books. Done and delivered.

I have been working on this one for so long - it feels good to have it in the owner's rightful hands. Love this pattern! I think I'd like to try it in navy and white, or mustard yellow and white. Anyone out there tried one of these combos yet?
I quilted diagonal lines throughout. The back is gray flannel with a bright lime green stripe for a little character.


susan said...

Awesome! I've haven't used flannel yet in any of my quilts. Tempting.

Aimee's Family Journal said...

I am so glad you linked her blog to this post! I had wondered how her sweet fmaily was doing! And she had another baby! LOVE hearing that! It is amazing how hard and how deeply we cheer for people we have never met! Gorgeous quilt Sarah!

Anonymous said...

You are so creative and color savvy. Love your .quilts.

merideth said...

this quilt just may get me quilting again. it is beautiful!!
and how brilliant to put the kids outside for thanksgiving dinner. i am sure they loved it too.
and i love peeks into your home. i am a grey lover and so your home makes me very happy.
i have asked you before, so sorry, but where did you get your couch. i love it!

Sarah said...

the couch is the Michael Weiss Vivian Sofa from Alice Lane. I ordered the extended version. I bought it on the annual, or semi-annual (can't remember), Michael Weiss discount sale.
I love gray. Love your style too!

Sarah said...

I thought about elaborating on my friend's history a little, but didn't. They are doing well and this new baby isn't really a baby anymore. I am slow.

Ashley Blanchard said...

Came across your 'quilt me' board on Pinterest! love what you did with the quilt and background!

Sarah said...

Thanks Ashley.

selfsewn said...

This is a pattern I've wanted to try, I'm really into two toned quilts right now. Lovely!