Wednesday, December 5, 2012

it's beginning

Are you in the mood for a little snowy Christmas photo haze?
I thought so.
 OK, enough of that.
Remember these advent bags I made last year? This year, I decided to string them inside a big frame. I just stapled some twine to the backside and used clothespins to hang them. After I filled several bags with goodies, I left to answer the phone. When I returned, Hank had opened every bag and was hoarding the loot. So now, I have to just fill one bag the day of its opening instead. He is still taking off the clothespins to see what's inside though.
For now, the frame leans against a wall, but I've got to hang it soon, out of his reach. So far, the days' treats have been: 1) 6 green jelly shooting frogs 2) marshmallows (for hot chocolate) 3) peppermint chocolate snowflake pretzels 4) Ice Cubes gum.
I bought this fiddle leaf fig tree at Ikea last week, for $13. (Yay, pinterest!) I love it but I don't have a pot or a permanent place for it yet. It adds some nice festive green to my entryway for now. And that Christmas print is free, here.
Last year after Christmas, I punched holes in all of the Christmas cards and put them on big rings. I thought it would be fun to have this little book out and peruse it often throughout the year. In actuality, it sat untouched on the bookshelf until Thanksgiving, when I decided to put it in a more noticable place: the entry table. Now the kids enjoy looking for cousins and friends whenever we are waiting to leave for school, etc.
 I love love love Christmas cards.
 More Christmas haze. You were just hoping I'd bring that back, I know.
How are your Christmas plans coming along?


abby said...

I am doing the good ol' store-bought chocolate advents this year and the kids think it's the coolest thing ever so I'll be sure they don't hear about your calendar!! It is so cute. Also, I bought that fiddle leaf a couple months ago and it has the Black Plague or something. Any advice? Do you give yours much sunlight? Also, the cousin gift exchange is already a success in cousin relations because Milo talks about Hank constantly. "I wonder what Hanky's gonna buy me?"

Sarah said...

I hear the fiddle leaf is a bit picky about light and water. Only had mine for 4 days so all's well so far.

Tell milo hank has big plans for him.

Gray Family said...

Love the advent calendar. You always come up with the cutest ideas...including the Christmas card one. I will be "pinning" that and using it this year. Love the happy boys and santa picture!

Emily said...

Love the advent bags framed. I don't think my household knows it's Christmastime yet. I need to get on that.

amyegodfrey said...

Love this post! The boys so cute with Santa. Fun to see last years' photo cards. I'm going to copy your idea.

merideth said...

i love Christmas cards too!! and i love this idea.
hey want to swap cards this year? i would love to see your card. (you too abby!!)
if it's not too late email me your address and then i will email you mine back.

Jennifer said...

What a fun post! I love your Christmas card book--I will be shamelessly copying that this year! And I am so embarrassed (read: I am absolutely thrilled) that ours made your blog. :) You have the best eye for all things decor. I wish I could hire you as a personal stylist. Or maybe just to be a fabulous friend who lives a lot closer. Can I? Merry Christmas, fabulous friend!