Saturday, June 1, 2013


Yes, I am still blogging about Denmark. I know, it's getting painful. But I cannot not finish the journey when I've come this far. 
On our last full day on Bornholm, we visited the Osterlars Round Church: The largest of the four Round Churches which are connected to the Knight's Templar from as far back as the 12th century. Don't ask me what all that means. I do know these churches were used as fortresses as well as places of worship. We also found two of the other round churches, but gave up on the fourth.
It was pretty neat to climb up inside the narrow stone stairwell and then into the rafters. These churches have such history! I bought some cute notecards depicting all four churches so I can frame them.
We made our way to the darling port town of Gudhjem, which was relatively quiet, but when the cruise ships come to port, it fills with tourists. There were lots of cute shops, some open, most not. I think summers would be so fun here! We visited a heavenly-scented candy store where they were making licorice candies and I wanted to buy up the whole shop!
We found another shop that sold scarves. And they were beautiful! Mostly locally made and designed. I bought a green one with a herring head motif. I know, sounds weird, but it is so pretty and Bornholm is famous for its smoked herring. I am sure I will never find another scarf like it and I am so glad Mark and Ashley pushed me to get it. You can see a little peak of it in the photo above.
Mark and Josh and David also bought matching wool scarves. (I will probably borrow this in the future too.) I would love to live where the weather necessitates scarves all the time. But not heavy coats; just scarves and a light sweater, please.

Our next stop was the impressive castle ruins of Hammershus, Northern Europe's largest medieval fortification. It is on the northern tip of the island of Bornholm and it is believed to have been built in the 12th century. Everything about it is stunning: the vast green expanse, the Baltic Sea as backdrop and the impressive structure itself.
With all this space mostly to ourselves, we decided to do a little jumping. 
Jay was first to show off his skills. We were impressed. 
A few more of us joined in. Then some more.
photo by Stephen

photo by Stephen
And don't forget the pregnant one in red.

That tree!
Later a few of us rode bikes through the beautiful town and neighborhoods of Ronne. I loved it! I felt like a real Dane. I am one sixteenth, you know.


Ezra, Kian & Eden said...

Those jumping pictures are petty impressive! It's hard to get that many people to actually jump at the same time...we've never managed it. Plus I always feel like I am jumping super high and then I see that my feet are literally 6 inches off the ground. Lame. You got some good air lady. :) I am falling more in love with Denmark with each and every post! Thank you for sharing.

Sarah said...

you are so nice to indulge me and even comment on my travel photos!

Next time you jump for a photo, lift your legs up - behind you, or spread eagle - and it will appear you have some serious air. I am certain that little tidbit of information will take you far in life.

Jennifer said...

still loving these photos! and if i remember correctly, you were always an impressive jumper, even (especially?) at age twelve. :)

Muche said...

Thanks for making me wonder why in the world we picked AZ to live ;) It looks like you missed the miserable weather Europe has had in the past few weeks too, very fun! I'm jealous, I wanna go home now!